Great experience, overall!

Instruction: 5
Support: 5
Value: 3
Academic Rigor: 2
Job Assistance: 5

Let’s break down my time here at T&T into 3 categories : What I learned? I learned how to be a better teacher. I've taught for a long time but like the Trainers once said at the beginning of this course, when you have just enthusiasm but not structure eventually, you're going to hit a wall and won't know what to do next. That is exactly what happened to me on so many occasions. I am a very energetic teacher that comes up with lessons and activities on the fly. T&T taught me how to channel all that energy into planning a proper lesson. PPP is a great guideline that I will carry with me for the rest of my teaching career. It definitely pays to know what your lesson will be before you teach it. Body language and TPR also helped me conduct myself in a more effective manner in the classroom. Did I enjoy myself? I most certainly did. I met really amazing people at T&T. The Trainers are very understanding and gave useful advice that helped me decide about what to do with my life. The Admin Team were incredible with creating my CV and helping me realize all the opportunities that are out there, just waiting for me to reach and grab them. Last but not least are the incredible classmates that helped make this course into a really enjoyable time. I had no issues with anyone and studying with these wonderful people was never a bore nor a chore. Was it worth it? Hell yeah! As I sit here today writing this summary of my time with T&T, I know that I came out of this course a better teacher. I am better prepared and no longer nervous about having to teach students. I have a better handle on how teaching needs to be done and how I can go about doing it. Had I not taken this course, I would still be a mediocre teacher with high energy and good intentions but no real way of turning those traits into an effective way of teaching. So, I thank you, all of you lovely people at T&T for giving me this opportunity to learn, grow, and become a better teacher and person. To be honest, I was extremely skeptical when I first arrived. I did not think that I would be learning anything worthwhile, boy am I glad to be wrong. I am glad that T&T reached out to me. I'm happy that I took a shot in the dark to come and study at T&T despite the long commute and all the fear mongering online about how TEFL centers are just scams that steal your money. Now that I've experienced it for myself, I can definitely say that T&T will help you develop as a teacher as long as you are open to new methods and approaches.

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Adapt to your students’ needs. Allow them to be creative and at the same time, show them how that creativity can be channeled towards a more moderate approach. Let them run wild and free and point out how they can improve without obstructing their thinking. Let their ideas run their course so that the trainees themselves know what is good and what needs improvements.