120-Hour TEFL Course in Thailand and Job Guidance
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120-Hour TEFL Course in Thailand and Job Guidance

Next Class: April 18, 2018! Now with JOB GUARANTEE!

We'd like to let you guys know that our upcoming class is April 18, 2018!
Contact Charles Domingo about JOB GUARANTEE and visa & accommodation assistance.
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The Text-And-Talk Academy Team

Text-And-Talk English Teaching Academy, based in Bangkok, Thailand have been producing highly skilled, enthusiastic and effective English teachers for the past 20 years. Our graduates are sought after throughout South East Asia and China.

Our Thai Ministry of Education approved and accredited TEFL Course will totally immerse you in the Culture and Traditions of Thailand, whilst learning new teaching skills and methods. You will be practicing these skills & techniques in Thai schools & universities, attending and assisting at an English Language Camps and be an observer of Corporate English lessons in addition to being tutored by our highly qualified trainers over a period of 4 weeks.

If you are keen to experience the fun & excitement of being an English Teacher in this part of the world and earning a good salary doing what you enjoy, then drop us an email today.

Use your gap year effectively, have an income, see South East Asia, and have fun in the City of Angels.

  • Accredited by Thailand's Ministry of Education
  • 3,200+ graduates teaching English worldwide
  • Job Guarantee & Assistance
  • 6 Observed practice lessons
  • Visa & Accommodation assistance
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This price includes:
- The 4 weeks of training
- 7 course books, a course bag and a CD
- 6 English teaching practice lessons at Thai schools
- Observe and participate in corporate English lessons, camps and schools
- C.V. & Job interview prep
- One-on-one coaching

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  • Support 9.7
  • Value 9.3
  • Difficulty 7
  • Job Assistance 8.7
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Text-And-Talk Review

I have had a very good time there right from the start, with excellent attention to detail from the staff and appreciate the early bird promotion which helped save a lot of money. With this training my future is more certain as I feel more confident about myself and my career goals. I now have more qualifications, as well as additional accreditation and would highly recommend the Text-And-Talk course to anyone who would like to get similar TEFL training.

Yes, I recommend
Jakob Edvardsson

Good course

The people running this course put a lot of effort into making it useful for us. I found that they taught me a lot about how to be a presenter, someone who can gain the interest of his or her audience and maintain it throughout. Being a rather reserved individual this was actually quite difficult but it was also the most useful part of the course for me. Whether I´ll be teaching English or doing anything else that requires me to be in front of people I am very grateful for the training I´ve received.

Yes, I recommend
Chakchai Chantri


It was not easy but very informative. A pleasure to spend time with the teachers and to learn more about Thai culture as well. So I really enjoyed the time here, even though it was pretty intensive. The first week was most intensive and afterwards it became much easier. The classmates were total friendly and helpful, so we were a great team. The location is awesome and directly next to our apartment. I recommend everybody to sign up for the course.

How can this program be improved?

More practise lesson in a real school class.

Yes, I recommend

Text and Talk

It's been an intense 4weeks training and worth it,with the best trainer Miki ,our observers Ben and Zelum. Thank you all for the advise, training and leading us on the right path,and Charles who was with me from day one at the airport.
Good technique used and good teaching methods.All the field trips,teaching observations and teaching practices have made me a better person than I was when l first started in January 2018.
Text and Talk team is full of loving,caring and friendly people. I felt at home from day one and I enjoyed every minute of it.
Job offer was secured within 2 days after graduation,Thank you Madame Sue Parmelee.
Thank you Text and Talk!

Yes, I recommend

TEFL Course in Bangkok, Thailand with Text-And-Talk Academy

If you are thinking seriously about becoming a professional teacher teaching in Thailand or any other countries around the world, take this world-renowned TEFL course with Text-And-Talk Academy!

Not only will you receive excellent knowledge through the well-thought-out course materials, you will also receive wonderful out-of-classroom experiences. With great assistance from my trainers, I've overcome self-doubt and my self-confidence has increased tremendously. This life-changing 120-hour course is worth every penny.

Yes, I recommend

Text-And-Talk TEFL course

I had a great experience taking the 120-hour course at Text-And-Talk Academy. Before taking the course I had no teaching experience or an understanding of how to teach in general. This course taught me all the skills necessary to become professional and highly effective trainer for multiple age groups and English proficiency groups.
Some of the skills I learned were how create effective and fun lesson plans, adapt myself to multiple English proficiency groups and age groups on the spot. At the end of the course I saw myself develop into a professional trainer full of confidence and I was able to extend that confidence to my students who wanted to speak English.
I have also recommended this course to multiple colleagues of mine, and their feedback have been positive all around.

Yes, I recommend

Ben Zelum: Review - Text-And-Talk Academy - 120 Hour TEFL course - Bangkok, Thailand

Before taking the course, I have done a few teaching jobs here and there. Teaching is not necessarily difficult, however, without any real knowledge of teaching and the skills involved, it can be hard and stressful to teach in a fun, interactive, and supportive manner.

From this 120-Hour TEFL course provided by Text-And-Talk Academy, I was able to experience, first hand, a real classroom of students to practice with. This allowed me to see what my weaknesses were and take any supportive learn a number of skills and bring out the best in me to fulfil my students' requirements in the class environment. Skills such as:
1. presenting myself in a professional, yet fun and friendly manner
2. dressing to impress but not overly professional (this may deter Thai students from opening themselves up to you - which is a key part of getting them to communicate and interact)
3. lesson and material preparation to help me reduce the amount of time I need to create highly effective lesson plans that can clearly and easily convey the target language to any learner group
4. managing any feelings of nervousness or fear from teaching in front of a class or audience
5. allowing myself to adapt to to mixed age groups and/or mixed English proficiency groups on the spot
and many more skills.

This course has allowed me to develop into a highly professional and effective English trainer and from the hundreds of students I've taught since taking this course, all have developed more confidence when using English and had fun doing so.

Yes, I recommend

About Text-And-Talk Academy

Text-And-Talk English Teaching Academy, based in Bangkok, Thailand have been producing highly skilled, enthusiastic and effective English teachers for the past 20 years.
Its graduates are sought after throughout South East Asia and China.

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