A very enjoyable course!

Instruction: 10
Support: 10
Value: 10
Academic Rigor: 8
Job Assistance: 10

Overall, I had an enjoyable, albeit challenging, time in the TEFL course. My first and highest compliment to the program, as well as the staff, is just how thorough everyone was through every step. Not only did the staff help us to all be the best teachers that we could possibly be, but they helped with things more personal. When I didn't know where to buy something, The Text & Talk Team were all too eager to point me in the right direction. I got assistance on how the public transportation worked, help when I needed to apply for a Visa extension, loads of information about the Kingdom of Thailand, the customs, and even some translation help. This assistance went above and beyond the call to simply be a TEFL instructor, and actually made me feel like I have a support unit in a country that I was totally new to. The instruction on actual TEFL affairs came from a place of sheer professionalism and expertise. The Trainers really know their business, and even more, how to identify the areas in which their students need extra help. Each presentation I could tell that they were completely engaged in watching my mock lesson and dedicated to giving me thoughtful feedback. Even in my moments of frustration (i.e. lesson planning, and in-class practice teaching), the instructors found ways to prod me forward and make suggestions that I could understand. The enthusiasm from the whole staff was unbelievable. I know on the first day we were told that you do not necessarily need to hold any great passion for teaching, but you easily forgot that when you are up at the front of the classroom. You could tell that the Trainers really were invested in our success and gave us the best tips and pointers. If someone didn't understand a theory, they would go back and teach it again in a different way until everyone understood. The lesson planning structure they gave was helpful and will carry me through as I go on to teach in Thai Schools. I know that it's the bare bones of what a lesson plan should be but using this basic format I can teach at any level in almost any school. I can say that within the last week and a half of classes the Trainers and Support Staff were all as available as they could be and willing to answer questions and to give guidance. They even fielded potential job prospects for all the students still in need of a job. So, the bang for your buck really was worth it. You paid to learn how to be a teacher, get TEFL-certified (a certification that I can honestly take with me anywhere in the world), and to have a team of experts who try their very best to get you a job.

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I only have two criticisms: 1) The course is EXTREMELY rigid. There is no room for creativity or thinking outside of the box. I've never done well when expected to follow a strict structure down to the letter, so I suffered under the strict guidelines. So, I would suggest a bit more flexibility in the lessons, their planning, and classroom management. 2) It's really hard to go from mock teaching in the safety of Text & Talk to real-life teaching in the halls of an actual school. I don't think any of us were necessarily prepared for what teaching had in store for us. And I know this isn't an easy obstacle to overcome because it would probably require you to get test classes into Text & Talk just for the benefit of your students teaching in front of a more realistic crowd. But even an example would have been nice. I never had the opportunity to watch an actual TEFL/ESL instructor conduct a full lesson in a real classroom setting. So, I'm now being thrust out into the world with only my knowledge and skills, but no sort of basis to compare them to. I've been watching YouTube videos to help, seeing others do their lesson plans. But it still would have been nice to watch an actual teacher in front of an actual class.