Very good TEFL Course

Instruction: 5
Support: 5
Value: 3
Academic Rigor: 4
Job Assistance: 5

My experience with the TEFL course was very good. I have learned a lot during this course and acquired the teaching techniques that will make me a better Teacher. The PPP (present, practice, produce) method, lesson planning, classroom activities, games, classroom control, Thai cultural rules, body language control, posture awareness, communication techniques, professional appearance, and more were taught. The Text & Talk TEFL course really comprises a number of important factors for trainees to be aware when presenting themselves as a professional teacher. The course is well organized and structured. The experience to teach in a real classroom was also a major positive point in this course, and I am very thankful for it. This opportunity was my first real-life contact with a classroom as a teacher. The course helped us realize that we were on the right path, and it was very rewarding to have that experience. I gained more confidence and motivation to proceed with this career, and it provided important feedback on what I needed to improve. In terms of the knowledge acquired I am very happy because now I feel that I can prepare any lesson plan in my future career as a teacher. So, with this course, I am now more confident to become a teacher for the long term and to present myself to schools and apply to work here in Thailand and internationally. Regarding the personal experience in this course, I am very happy and thankful for all the help and empathy that all the members from Text & Talk have shown. They helped me and gave advice on subjects related to the course and even with more personal matters. The entire team is really helpful and nice with the trainees providing important support, which is very important since we are alone and far from all our friends and family. This is a very important and positive comment that I would like to make about Text & Talk TEFL Academy. They have gone beyond my expectations, and I would recommend the course to anyone interested in acquiring a TEFL Certificate. I am very happy with this experience, and with all the knowledge that I acquired, so I would like to praise all the Text & Talk staff for being so nice and professional. Your experience as Teachers and the way you delivered this course were inspiring for an aspirant Teacher like myself. Thank you Text & Talk it was a pleasure and an honor to be your trainee.

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In my personal opinion, this program could be improved if the trainees had a more realistic view of the classroom environment before they do their first lessons in the schools. Given that Bangkok is a big city, there is no need for the trainees to go there and observe the classroom environment. Maybe a video with the classroom, even from the previous trainees so they can understand what main problems are and get there more prepared so the first real-life experience in the classroom isn't so overwhelming and not a shot in the dark.