My journey as a TEFL teacher in Madrid

Instruction: 10
Support: 10
Value: 9
Academic Rigor: 9
Job Assistance: 9

Not a moment of regret!

My name is Sharmani, from Melbourne, Australia. I moved to Madrid January 2019 to complete my TEFL course. The course ran for 4 weeks, Monday to Friday, it was thorough and well structured. I was placed in good hands, my trainers were knowledgeable and experienced as they themselves have done the course, so they knew exactly what the students had to go through.

Before making the big decision to pack my life into a suitcase and move half way across the world, I had doubts and concerns about: making new friends, the new environment, accommodation, costs, finding a job...and the list goes on! However, these all proved to be unnecessary stress when I arrived in Madrid.

Everyone in your course will be in the same boat, so making friends were super easy, to this day we are like a little family in Madrid, we travel and do everything together!

Once I was successful with TEFL Heaven, they put me in contact with the housing coordinator in Madrid who helped me with accommodation, alternatively there are websites out there like Spotahome which I found really easy to use.

Finding a job was also very easy, at the school they helped me with my CV and I also looked for work online. By the second week of graduating I had already began teaching.

I have to admit, during my first month, the language was an issue as English is not widely spoken in Madrid. You will get by but I definitely recommend taking lessons or participating in language exchanges! I have also learnt a lot from my students, it's definitely a two way learning! I have been here for 2 months now, and my Spanish has definitely improved!

Three things I love about Madrid:
1. The weather, it will never disappoint, the sun is ALWAYS out!
2. The culture and the people. The Spaniards love living life, they know how to enjoy and relax.
3. The food and drinks, cheap and tasty!

Three reasons why you should just book yourself into the program already!
1. You will meet people from all over the world and become lifelong friends
2. Once you are TEFL certified you can pretty much teach anywhere in the world
3. You will always be wondering "what if" if you never give it a go!

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
Year Completed