To Hong Kong and beyond

Growth: 10
Support: 9
Fun: 9
Housing: 9
Safety: 10

Hong Kong is an amazing place. There is no better place in the world. A lot of people believe that Singapore is the heart of Asia, but I am convinced it's Hong Kong. Business, trade, money, deals are all around Hong Kong. The first time I heard about Hong Kong was a documentary movie called "A century of power". The amount of inspiration I received from the movie was over the top. From that day I knew that if there is a place for me to grow my career that place would be Hong Kong.

After confirming my passion towards the country, I didn't know what kind of career should I follow and go with. History was my favorite subject in school, and I've read a lot about travelers who were bringing goods and materials all around the world with their ships, so I became obsessed with logistics industry. What are the most efficient and safe ways to transfer goods from one part of the world to another? How can the companies reduce the cost of transportation and make it more sustainable as well as environmentally friendly? Those questions were in my mind and driving me towards personal developments and career growth within logistics industry.

Combining these two factors, I realized my destiny. Hong Kong the logistical hub of Asia if not the world, and I clearly have a passion towards the transportation of goods. Instead of waiting for a perfect opportunity and perfect conditions I've talked to my parents and they supported my idea to go to Hong Kong for the winter period to do an internship. Since I didn't know anything and anyone in Hong Kong, I found AIP. These guys help students to not only find an internship but also assist with on-ground support like accommodation, transportation and some social activities. Within few months and some simple steps like interview and my CV being sent to AIP they manages to organize an interview with great company and they had a logistics position, under the supervision of the logistics manager. As soon as everything was confirmed I booked my flight and started crossing out the days before my departure. When I arrived to Hong Kong AIP came to meet me and picked me up and gave me some good tips for my time here!

Overall I'm grateful to AIP to make my dreams came true, more than that I am planning to re-apply for one more internship next year with AIP as well.

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