Corrupt agency

Benefits: 1
Support: 3
Fun: 3
Facilities: 5
Safety: 10

Media kids has got to be the worst agency that I've ever worked with. Unprofessional, corrupt, and the communication sucks. They do what they want when they want with very little notice to us. And it doesn't matter what your contract says. You get paid once a month at night! I had a good experience in Thailand as I made the best out of my situation. However, the company is very corrupt I highly recommend you run when you see them coming. From the consultants with the strong accents and you trying to make out their words. To expensive paperwork that you need to complete each month. Your promised a reimbursement by the end of the month and then surprise they say oh we'll pay you end of this semester!! They are full of terrible surprises. Say no to media kids.

Would you recommend this program?
No, I would not
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Stop the corruption pay the staff fairly and try to keep your employees. Media kids is a terrible agency