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Hello guys I'm Teacher Nhel and I'm proud to be part of Mediakids Academy. One of the best happened to me here in Thailand is to be an ESL Teacher. Life is really amazing when you're working with great people. I love Thai culture the way they respect teachers. When you love to discover new culture and to travel at the same time mediakids is one of the best company here in Thailand. I've been working with Mediakids for almost four years now and it's really a great experience. Once you're a Teacher you'll never stop sharing your knowledge and you'll never stop learning at the same time. We have different consultants who always there to guide us with our visas, work permit and including our safe accomodation. It's not all about the salary all the time but it's all about how will they treat you in one company. I love Mediakids as it's best. They changed my life to better . I really enjoy working abroad with Mediakids. Life is really amazing to work here in Thailand with Mediakids. I will definitely recommend Mediakids because I've been part of the company since 2015.

PS. Be one of us 😊😊😊
More power and God bless to all of us😊😊😊

Your journey begins here. 😃

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Thank you so much for everything. I love Mediakids. 💖💋💕💞🙏