A wonderful experience

Instruction: 10
Support: 10
Value: 10
Academic Rigor: 8
Job Assistance: 8

My journey started some months back in the Philippines and was prompted by my desire to improve my teaching abilities. Getting TEFL certified in Thailand became a priority for me for many reasons. One of them is the fascinating culture, friendly people and mouthwatering cuisine in Thailand. I was set on getting my TEFL from Text & Talk because of its reputation in the region. The experience with Text & Talk from the time I started talking with their support staff to the time of my Graduation and support in finding work has been something special and made me develop a positive mindset from the time I was met at the Airport in Bangkok.

The succeeding days in the classroom-based training at Text and Talk Academy proved that the reputation Text & Talk earned over the years is well deserved. The friendly & fun learning atmosphere added to the sense of satisfaction and I now feel so much more confident in developing a lesson plan and presenting lesson than I did a month ago. The essential principles adopted for each lesson and how to apply the PPP Methodology in delivering the lesson will always remain a part of my technique for use in future.
We enjoyed Practice Teaching sessions at live classes in Thai Schools and observation at real Thai companies and the experience was invaluable. Together with the Peer Evaluation system and constant reviews ensured that we became very adept at creating lessons and making an effective presentation. Also Teaching English to Young Learners are recognized as an essential skill and Text & Talk ensures that you learn and practice these skills intensely. They even arranged practice teaching sessions at one of the top private Kindergarten schools for this purpose.

The importance of positive body language, a conservative dress code, and jovial demeanor was also highlighted during the course and I am sure overall the course was well worth it.
The Graduation ceremony was a poignant experience & full of meaning for each participant as it represented a culmination of three weeks of intensive but enjoyable study. Now, equipped with our newly minted skills we are ready to face the challenges ahead in being an effective English educator.

In conclusion, thanks to the Trainers for being so sensitive and responsive to the needs of the participants. Each of us experienced a very friendly and personalized approached in making the TEFL journey as fruitful and enjoyable as possible!

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