Cambodia explorer

Value: 9
Fun: 10
Staff: 10
Safety: 10
Organization: 10

The 12 day Cambodia trip was incredible! It’s packed with a great mix of history, culture, relaxing and so much fun! My guide, Seyha, was amazing and always had a massive smile on his face to cheer us up no matter what, especially when we were tired or hungover! His knowledge was insane and he knew how to keep us all happy and safe! My favourite parts of the trip included the Koh Rong Samlon island and the booze cruise in Kampot. It was so great to chill out after the first few days which are filled with history and culture! The only downside was the tour wasn’t long enough, I was gutted to leave my group and Seyha after the 12 days! Massive shoutout to Seyha, thanks for the best trip and making it unforgettable! As a group we all adored him and couldn’t have asked for a better guide! #Ivefoundalove

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