Value: 10
Fun: 10
Staff: 10
Safety: 10
Organization: 10

The tour was amazing!! Drew our leader was so knowledgable about each place, he was always very fun and professional. The manta rays were incredible and the view points- out of this world!! 😍 will 100% reccomend this to EVERYONE!! Also watching the sunsets/sunrises was out of this world! The food we had everywhere was soo yummy! Most of it local which I enjoyed, as it's good to try the local cuisine. He food on the liveaboard was included in the tour - all cooked amazingly by the boat guys!
Being on the liveaboard was incredible.. sleeping under the stars. THe group were all so friendly, we got a long so so well. Thank you Drew and Trutravels. I want to do all the trutravels tours after doing this one!!! If you are a alone traveller and wanting some true adventure I really do reccomend this. The komodo dragons are something not many people get to ever ever see! So this was also insane being so close to them in there natural habitat .

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