Childcare in Kathmandu Orphanage, Nepal

Impact: 9
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 9
Safety: 10

On March 2019 I’ve been one week in Kathmandu supporting kids of an orphanage. It was an amazing experience! Starting from the coordinators everyone were super friendly and ready to help you in every situation, communication was super fast and clear, really appreciated. Kids were simply fantastic, with a lot of love to share and a spontaneous smile everyday. I’ve spent one week on helping kids before their shool time on their homeworks, I had free time to visit the city from 9am to 4pm then I came back at the orphanage to help kids on their homeworks after school and let them play at volley, drawing or singing. I strongly suggest this kind of experience to everyone, it has changed me radically, I came back at home with a new mentality and a new heart! I’m feeling rich inside! Last but not least I know that those kids you are Special, they are happy to stay with you and to have someone to share love! For them it’s very important! Thank you IFRE Volunteers for this opportunity!

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