Recommend the program, just not the host family

Benefits: 9
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Facilities: 10
Safety: 10

This program has been an incredibly enriching experience. Compared to other English teaching programs in Spain, I have had zero issues with being paid on time and the support staff is quick to respond to offer advice for any issues that may arise. I love the school where I teach and feel I have learned a variety of skills that will prepare me for any future career I may want. However, the only regret I have for this experience was choosing to live with host families. If you live with host families, you are required to spend two afternoons per week and two Saturdays per month teaching English. You receive less of a stipend because your rent and food are covered by your family, but the program massively favors the family. I work around 72 hours per month teaching English to my host sibilings. My first siblings were 11 and 6 and my current siblings are 9 and 4 so you can imagine how fun it is to keep them engaged for 4-10 hour long English lessons. While it is called a host "family" I feel much more like an employee who lives in the house. The parents will leave on English days to go out and sometimes I do not see them for 8 hours and it is just me taking care of the children. In my current house I do not need to set an alarm because my 4 year old host sister wakes me up screaming at 7 every morning. I think the idea of living with a host family is great, because you can learn the language and save money, but it is basically adding a second job to your original job of being a language assistant.

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