Enamorada de Costa Rica

Academics: 7
Support: 9
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 8

There aren't words to adequately express the impact that my three months in Costa Rica had on my life, and on me. I am eternally grateful to SOL for giving me the opportunity to experience first-hand the beautiful culture and traditions of Costa Rica and to explore all the beauty it has to offer. From short cultural activities, like traditional dancing and cooking, to more extensive trips, like La Fortuna waterfall and Volcán Arenal, SOL provides a wide variety of activities and trips that give you a glimpse of the richness and variety of this beautiful country. Staying with a host family is a precious, and unforgettable experience; I shed so many tears leaving my Mamá Tica who truly is like a mother to me and took such great care of me during my stay. I left with so many sweet friendships and priceless memories that compel me to come back, but also to live my life here in a new way. I will be forever touched by the lifestyle of Pura Vida, which reminds me to worry a little less, walk a little slower, and love a lot more. Part of my heart will forever remain in Costa Rica. Thank you, SOL!!

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