Private classes at xmandarin

Instruction: 7
Support: 9
Fun: 8
Housing: 8
Value: 7

Hi. I am hanane from Paris. I am taking chinese classes since 3 years at Xmandarin. Although it is super hard language but the great teachers are making it smother! Teachers can speak very good English which is good for beginners! Private classes are convenient, we set up a time together with the teacher in advance and in case, they are very flexible (depending on our schedule and the teachers’s schedule Too). The school is great too, for emerging the Chinese culture. They organize activities with all the students from different nationalities! It is very cool to meet new people even after 3 years in China! For example Last week, we have been to some Kung-fu classes it was amazing! Learning a language is not just about speaking it but also learning the culture!

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