Radio journalism Argentina

Growth: 4
Support: 3
Fun: 3
Housing: 4
Safety: 4

I spent a great month on the radio journalism project in Argentina. The radio station was great. The boss, José, was engaging and helpful and gave me plenty of chances to contribute to the programme on any topic that interested me. The family who I lived with were also very welcoming and looked after me very well. However, the radio station is based in Unquillo, a small city about an hour away from Córdoba where projects abroad is based. The staff had very little knowledge of Unquillo and were unable to help me with a few issues, particularly how the buses between the two cities worked. Also all of the other volunteers were based in Córdoba city meaning that it took time and money to go and see them. The projects abroad team in London did not inform me of this so that was slightly disappointing. Having said this, it did mean I spent more tome with my host family getting to know them and speaking Spanish, which was good. Overall I would recommend the project, provided that you are happy to live far away from the other volunteers.

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Yes, I would
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