Volunteer In Children's Orphanage in Galle, Sri Lanka

Impact: 8
Support: 7
Fun: 10
Value: 7
Safety: 10

The experience at the orphanage was incredible, life changing and deeply humbling. When you embark on an experience such as this there is a lot that goes through you mind. You wonder how everything will be and you hope that your time is part of a bigger picture that is helpful and I guess important.

The children at the orphanage were a true delight! Mischievous, good, kind, funny and at times, yes naughty! All the things you would expect from any child around the world! They are a real mix of personalities and you can see despite the reason that has brought them into a government system that they are still individuals with a lot to offer the world.

Michael, the Co-Ordinator is lovely.

Sri Lanka overall is a beautiful country with amazing, kind and helpful people. I was there when the bombs went off in Colombo. The people were devastated by what happened and rallied together. There is a great fear that this will completely destroy the tourism industry that has started to boom. I felt completely safe in Sri Lanka, more so than any other country I have traveled to. Remember - something bad can happen anywhere in the world at anytime. Do not let this make you change your mind in going there. It is a special country.

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It would have been good to have a better understanding of all the parts of the orphanage and a chat with the staff beforehand - even if it needs to be translated. There needs to be more of a holistic approach between volunteers and staff.

A wee guide booklet could be amazing helpful. On transport types, applying for visa extensions etc. Actually I would be happy to write one!
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