The resource that keeps giving

Instruction: 10
Support: 10
Value: 10
Academic Rigor: 8
Job Assistance: 10

This review has taken many months to write. Each time I've attempted to write one there seems to be more instances where this specific course and the tools given to me by the highly skilled and specialized teachers has come into my daily life and been a savior to teaching.

Think not the concepts are absurd or outdated (for they are) the reality is that alnodt everything you learn through this course works. You just don't understand the context yet.

If you are considering a TEFL course choose SamuiTEFL. Go in and try to absorb everything that you humanly can whether you think it relevant or not, there will be a day when use it and are thankful.

Managing your interactions with the children you teach and the students on the course with you will ensure that you get the maximum out of this course. It's predominantly about how much love and happiness you can share and the tools this course gives to ensure it.

(pro tip)
The beer is good but expensive. Get "local" whiskey and sprite for a winning evening.

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