Something for everyone

Growth: 8
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 9
Safety: 10

I stayed in Bangkok for a month and will remember this experience for a lifetime. The internship company had me working on a relevant project which made me feel like I was contributing to the company and also allowed me to work flexible hours which let me explore the city. With food stalls, shopping malls and street markets everywhere, there's something for everyone in Bangkok. I loved exploring randomly and would encourage future interns to do the same. It's fairly simple to use the train system and you can always get a motorcycle ride for shorter journeys too! The intern group coordinator in Bangkok was very friendly and helpful too whenever you needed anything. They organised weekly social activities too which were a great way to bond with fellow interns in different companies. The Thai cooking class would be my standout activity and would highly recommend anyone visiting Bangkok to try. I'd also encourage travelling outside Bangkok to Amphwa floating market, Ayuthaya (Old capital), Pattaya beach or even the islands in the south if you can on weekends or public holidays. There's so much to see in Thailand so definitely make the most of your time there!

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Yes, I would
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