Nepal & India Review

Housing: 4
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Value: 5
Safety: 5

this trip was one of the best experiences in my life! I was really scared before leaving but as soon as I got to Kathmandu and I was with the whole group I calmed down. Everyone was so open and friendly and we became really close really fast, especially during the trek since we saw each others' best and worst moments. Our expedition leaders, Callum and Alfie, were incredible. They were professional but were still able to enjoy and have fun with rest of us. When things went wrong, they were always prepared and knew what to do.

I enjoyed every single part of the trip so much. The first two weeks in Nepal were fun and we got to do things many people had never done before like Rafting and paragliding. The second part of Nepal was the trek. That was extremely challenging for me and there were more than a few times that I wanted to give up but in the end we all got to Base Camp. Looking back, the trek was probably my favorite part of the trip. India went by so fast, because we would go from one place to another so fast. We had a good mixture of sighting and free time to do whatever we wanted or just chill out and get away from the heat.
Overall I had an amazing time and I would highly recommend this trip for everyone willing to go out of their comfort zones and open up to new and incredible opportunities.

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