Great place and good method to learn Thai easily.

Instruction: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Value: 10

This school had been recommended to me by a friend who lives for some time on Koh Samui and also attended the Thai course there. I signed up for the level 1 course “ 2 weeks to speak Thai “. During that course I decided to extend to the next level for another 2 weeks. So a total of 4 weeks with lessons for 5 hours on 5 days a week. Very intensive !
It was really fun to learn since you could practise the language immediately when you finished school. Yes there were 1-2 days where I really got exhausted by learning this Asian language. But the teacher Jom always brought me back on track with his positive energy. He really loves to teach his mother language and that’s what you can feel during the whole course. The whole atmosphere in the school is very positive. You can feel it the moment you enter the school. Very nice people and positive vibrations everywhere.
We were lucky since we were only 3 students in class. Means the teacher Khun Jom paid a lot of attention to each of us.
The result after 4 weeks of intensive learning Thai is, people start laughing if I order things in a supermarket, restaurant or in a bar. Not because they are making fun about me but they are not used that a foreigner (Farang) can speak clear Thai to them. They like that a lot and for this smile it was worth making the effort to learn.
Thanks a lot to Khun Jom and his team. I can only recommend this school to anybody who likes to learn Thai intensive, effective and in one of the most beautiful location you can study.

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