2 Weeks To Speak - Intensive Thai Language & Adventure Courses in Koh Samui and Khao Yai National Park, Thailand

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Intensive Thai conversation course on Koh Samui, run by our founder and head teacher Jom at our Bophut School.

50 hours, 5 hours/day, 5 days/week (Monday to Friday).
9.00 - 15.00 with small breaks and lunch hour
Max 10 students

Fun and friendly environment
Speak from the very 1st hour; 95% of your time spent speaking the new language.
Learn the most common words and phrases of day-to-day situations thanks to our:

Transformation Method, Muscle Memory Method, Combination Method
The course includes all learning materials, complimentary drinks, diploma and small gadget. Possible airport pick-up and accommodation near the school in one of the more lively areas of the island.

Mind Your Language School has also been officially recognised as the only PLIDA (Progetto Lingua Italiana Dante Alighieri) Certification Centre in Thailand.

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  • Support 9.9
  • Fun 9.9
  • Housing 9.9
  • Safety 9.9
  • Instruction 10
  • Support 9.7
  • Fun 9.3
  • Housing 9.7
  • Value 9.3
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Perfect mix

They only question I had after completing the intensive Thai course level 1, was ‘When can I start with level 2’?

My personal objective was to learn the basics of the Thai language within a relatively short period, preferably in a friendly/ relaxing environment. After the first conversation I had with the Head Teacher Jom Nawa I already knew this was the right guy to teach me the Thai language.

I’d like to describe Jom as a real professional - dedicated, experienced, passionate, friendly and humorous. The type of teacher who makes you feel welcome from the very first lesson. But even more important - the best teacher/ coach you can find, if you want to learn the Thai language within a short time frame!!

The classroom for this occasion was on the premises of Elysia Boutique Resort, in Fisherman's Village, Bophut in Samui. The right accommodation and a relaxing stay at the resort, with very friendly staff. The perfect environment for an intens(iv)e - almost drilling way - of learning a new language!!

About the teaching method - Jom is using the ‘T.M.C. Method’ during his courses. Transformation (reversing sentence structure), Muscle memory (repetition) and Combination (creating meaningful paragrahs). ‘REPEATING’ is the magic word!! ‘Muscle Memory’ - Repeating words and phrases to train your brain AND all the muscles you need to learn a tonal language!! An advantage was the small size of the group. Perfect for interaction, practicing and personal attention, if needed.

In 2 weeks time (5 hours a day), I have learned more than I could have ever imagined!! Just some examples of the training contents: Greetings, introducing yourself, ordering food & drinks, numbers, asking for directions, bargaining, taking taxis & buses, days/ dates/ times. Real life situations and examples, supported by well-structured, easy to use handouts.

Amazing! After just a couple of lessons I was able to order some food and drinks in a local restaurant and recently I even started to understand (parts of) conversations between Thais in restaurants and at the airport! A great learning experience - not only resulting in ‘muscle memory’’ during conversations in Thai language, but Jom also added aspects of the Thai culture to his lessons. The course included even a cooking course on Friday evening after the first week. Variety and good for the team spirit!!

In conclusion - with Jom’s professionalism and energy, the T.M.C learning method and the motivating environment, they’ve created the perfect mix to learn a new language!! I can recommend this great course to everyone who is planning to spend some time in Thailand. Actually some of my friends from the Netherlands already have started to check options, after I told them about this course!!

Can’t wait to start with Level 2 at short notice. Also curious about the proposed location near the Khao Yai National Park!!

Many thanks Khun Jom & ‘Elysia team’!!

How can this program be improved?
The program is almost perfect. However, emphasizing the importance of 1) repeating/ home work after the lessons and 2) preparing some vocabulary before starting the course, could be contributing in a positive way.
Yes, I recommend this program

Impressive !!!

Can you imagine yourself being able to speak Thai (or any other Asian language) after ONLY 2 weeks? Impossible, huh? But I CAN speak Thai now! And my colleagues too. I needed only 2 weeks intenssive course. Before the course started I thought would be hard, but it wasn't. Thanks to our great Thai teacher, Khun Jom! His teaching was very clear, deeply organised in initianting us the easiest way to learn Thai. He has advanced skills to see every student's level and correct each one of them wherever they need. He really is a coach for our "Muscle Memory"! Looking forward now for Level 2!! Thanks to Khun Jom, to Mind Your Language School and to organisers! Jeuh gan na kha

How can this program be improved?
It is perfect as it is
Yes, I recommend this program

Impressive !!!

Can you imagine yourself being able to speak Thai (or any other Asian language) after ONLY 2 weeks? Impossible, huh? But I CAN speak Thai now! And my colleagues too. I needed only 2 weeks intenssive course. Before the course started I thought would be hard, but it wasn't. Thanks to our great Thai teacher, Khun Jom! His teaching was very clear, deeply organised in initianting us the easiest way to learn Thai. He has advanced skills to see every student's level and correct each one of them wherever they need. He really is a coach for our "Muscle Memory"! Looking forward now for Level 2!! Thanks to Khun Jom, to Mind Your Language School and to organisers! Jeuh gan na kha

How can this program be improved?
It is perfect as it is
Yes, I recommend this program
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2 week intensive Thai language course in Koh Samui

I completed the intensive Thai course in June and was absolutely amazed with the result, Jom was the best teacher I've ever had! His teaching style was the best I could have ever hoped for. His focus is on repetition, muscle memory and military style drilling! I was never the best student at school but with Jom I was 100% present for 5 hours per day for the 10 days I was with him.

Jom has the unique ability to keep you in the zone ensuring you WILL learn the language. He is passionate on what he does and that is the key with anything in life... if you are passionate about something, then you will be good at it!

I've already signed up for level 2 and I can't wait, it's been the best school experience of my life! Thank Jom, you're the best!


How can this program be improved?
It’s perfect!
Yes, I recommend this program
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Excellent language school with an effective technique of learning Thai - Отличная языковая школа с эффективной техникой изучения тайского языка


I was engaged in intensive courses (50 hours of classes, 5 hours a day). I really enjoyed it and I feel great progress in my learning of the Thai language.

I live in Thailand for 3 years and before that I tried to learn the language myself in different ways, but I did not achieve any special result. Heard many good reviews about this school, and now I want to recommend it too.

This school works on a special technique with a special emphasis on muscle memory, i.e. At lessons we practically all time talked or repeated for the teacher. Since the second day of classes, I began to understand, in part, what the Thais around me are talking about, a very interesting feeling, especially after several years of living in the country.

For 50 hours we studied the bases with which you can make orders in a restaurant, bargain in the market and in the store, talk about yourself and find out about the interlocutor, talk about time on the clock and dates, talk about the past, the future and the present, and the structures Proposals. those. These are the bases from which it is interesting to begin, because They are most easily used in everyday life.

At the lessons we laughed a lot and every day of classes flew very quickly, even despite the 5 hour duration.

The school is very classy atmosphere, all very friendly and smiling. Classes with air conditioning. There is coffee and tea for those who wish, as well as a refrigerator.

It seemed to me that the Russian speakers should be easier to learn Thai, so there are a lot of sounds similar to Y, Y, Y (which are not in most European languages) and P is practically spoken, like in Russian.

The school issued a special textbook, notebooks, just take a pencil or pen.


Я занималась на интенсивных курсах (50 часов занятий, по 5 часов в день). Мне очень понравилось и я чувствую огромный прогресс в своем изучение тайского языка.

Я живу в Таиланде уже 3 года и до этого разными способами пыталась выучить язык сама, но никакого особого результата не добилась. Слышала много хороших отзывов об этой школе, и теперь хочу тоже ее порекомендовать.

Эта школа работает по специальной технике с особым уклоном на мышечную память, т.е. на уроках мы практически все время разговаривали или повторяли за преподавателем. Уже со второго дня занятий, я начала понимать, частично, о чем разговаривают тайцы вокруг меня, очень интересное ощущение, особенно после нескольких лет проживания в стране.

За 50 часов мы изучили базы, с помощью которых можно делать заказы в ресторане, торговаться на рынке и в магазине, рассказывать о себе и узнавать о собеседнике, говорить о времени на часах и датах, как говорить о прошлом, будущем и настоящем, и структуры предложений. т.е. именно те базы с которых интересно начинать, т.к. их проще всего использовать в повседневной жизни.

На уроках мы много смеялись и каждый день занятий пролетал очень быстро, даже не смотря на 5 часовую длительность.

В школе царит очень классная атмосфера, все очень приветливые и улыбчивые. Классы с кондиционерами. Есть кофе и чай для желающих, так же, как и холодильник.

Мне показалось, что русскоговорящим должно быть проще учить Тайский язык, так в нем много звуков похожих на Ы,Й,Ё (которых нет в большинстве Европейских языков) и Р произносится практически, как на русском.

В школе выдаются фирменные учебники-тетрадки, достаточно только взять с собой карандаш или ручку.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Real Thai fast, not to be missed - 实实在在的泰语速成,不容错过


Because it is like this no shortage of blue sky and blue sky, but also fell in love with the Thai language. Once started, completely stopped.

It is fortunate to be able to learn Thai in this school (especially praise). If you are interested in Thai, and happens to have a particularly interesting and experienced teacher, you will find that learning Thai for Chinese partners is really not a difficult thing, because the Thai language in the grammar and tone rules with some Chinese The similarities.
I and the other four foreign students in the primary goal is to be able to speak Thai in an effective time, and it is Jom (principal and teacher) interesting, professional and efficient teaching methods so that we can speak in the first class speak Thai! The The He is very patient to teach our authentic Thai pronunciation and repeated over and over again to strengthen our mouth muscles and brain memory; he also continue to interact with us, through "he asked me to answer" the way so that we understand faster, Remember the structure of the sentence, and in the process of instantly improve the "say" ability: part of the question, but also part of the answer. When he asked us questions, we did not just answer "yes" or "no", but instead replicate some of his questions and answer him in the form of a "complete sentence". You will find more learning tips and fun in class.

Now I am very excited that I can start talking about Thai, but also full of enthusiasm to continue to learn. Learn this language, it is not your talent, but your passion and have a humorous and professional and pragmatic teacher like Jom, can make it easy for you to speak Thai in the first class. Of course, they have a few other Thai teachers are also very good! Want to learn other languages ​​of small partners, can also come to this school, their teachers are very professional!

Do not love learning a small partner can finally forget to learn, playing with learning, learning will not be difficult! Not much to say, to learn to play together!



Yes, I recommend this program
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challenge with a lot of fun

I took the 2 weeks speaking Thai intensive course for 50 hours including certificate. I was visiting Ko Samui for 4 weeks this time. The school has other courses in English, Italian & German to offer. The school is a long running business and the 1st language school in Ko Samui to my knowledge.
The teacher/owner of the school has developed a simple and yet effective method called TMC: transformation, muscle memory, combination. This is adapted to Thai language with its simple grammar and for westeners difficult to pronounce and to remember idioms, phrases, etc. It works.
The handouts for learning were to the point, good structured and easy readable. Nothing fancy. They present the examples from real life you will then elaborating for some hours on and hopefully try out in real Thai life after some days.
learning experience:
The course itself was funny, entertaining, demanding - and of course intens(iv)e. There were tons of real life examples given in formal and colloquial Thai with two assistant teachers, doing the questions and answer games and also pronouncing these "stranges words" in different ways and dialects. They use varied, diverting examples and exercises - a very good way to step into Thai language. You can smell and feel the long term didactic and teaching experience (16 years) of the teacher. The courses are in "family atmosphere" with 4 students max.
personal reception:
Owner and management are on professional level. period. The steer this with good humor and also steering of the group itself was fine. You can feel their passion. There is no mechanical learning experience. Thank you. They use a combination of methods, different speed levels, changing of topics. Switching between tough and more relaxed sessions lead to good results for improving with your language abilities. The Thai teacher has a very good command of English, a clear pronunciation and always finds examples in your own language, even if it be German (my mother tongue), Dutch, French, Japanese. A real talent. From my perspective there is definitely no need to search for alternative schools. This one is the one.
A nice school in a calm environment, off the main road. Tea, coffee, cookies are available for little money. Eating Thai around the block also feasible. Very friendly team & a grumpy dog which you can bribe with some small food goodies.
To have some minimal knowledge of the language to start with helps, but is not mandatory depending on your talent. :) It is necessary (my advice and painful own experience) to follow-up with all sessions and do some homework in the evening daily. So to speak, for 2 weeks, put your focus on this one. You learn a lot more than you think you can.

How can this program be improved?
difficult to say, but I think I myself need more to improve :)
Yes, I recommend this program

A fantastic experience in all respects!

I signed up for the 2 Weeks to Speak and couldn’t have been happier with the experience and the results.
The methods used by Jom and co. definitely work. The focus is on repetition and combining words to form sentences, turning questions into answers and vice versa. Training your mouth to make the sounds and endlessly repeating those sounds is the only way of grasping a tonal language so it makes perfect sense. This method of teaching combined with Jom's incredible energy, passion and humour is second to none. Jom’s colleague Bow also taught and practised with us so we were able to hear a different voice and pronunciations further preparing us for understanding outside the classroom.
The class size is kept small, there were 6 of us in total, so we each got lots of practice in speaking which helped us progress quickly and as a team. Every day we would learn new sentence structures and add to our vocabulary as well as practise what we had already learnt on previous days so nothing would get forgotten.
The course is indeed intense however it is also a lot of fun and the hours pass quickly. I would recommend learning as much vocabulary as possible beforehand to get the most out of the actual classes. I had learnt a few words and numbers before starting but the course really enabled me to start putting these random words together to create sentences and begin communicating properly. It has made all the difference to my confidence and to my Thai neighbours and friends!
In short; great teaching, lovely people! I highly recommend this course if you are planning to spend a while in Thailand.

How can this program be improved?
Really cannot think of anything the team could do better!
Yes, I recommend this program
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Learn Thai with Fun!

I'm really excited about my learning experience with Two Weeks To Speak Thai.
Jom Nawa is a very professional and talented teacher (probably the best in Koh Samui!) and did his best to make us learn in an atmosphere between the academic and fun.
I find his method, called TMC, very efficient: allows students to become really quickly confident with a so difficult language!
Luckily I also found a group of very nice people as classmates: we always tried to help each other to grow together, we had great time during the lessons and also shared our free time outside the school!
The results of the course were quite evident at the end of the second week: we were really able to have everyday simple conversation in Thai!
What we need to improve is the use of tones, the real difficult peculiarity of thai language: they depend of our mouth muscles and cannot be perfect after only a couple of weeks.
That's why I really can't wait to join the further level (from 3 to 6) to be more fluent and able to communicate "as Thais do"!
So I would definitely recommend this course, like every others at Mind Your Language School.

How can this program be improved?
Jom Nawa never stops to study and check how to get his courses more and more professional and funny!
Yes, I recommend this program

2 weeks to speak

2 weeks to speak. I have just finished the course and am impressed with the progress we have made in such a short time frame. As a linguist I have much appreciated teacher Jom's passion and professionalism. During the 50 hours he has taught us, not a dull moment has passed. I think that students and teachers alike will agree that is quite a feat indeed. Though five hours of classes a day seemed like a lot at first, time really flew by.

The method is based to a large extend on repeating words and phrases. This is an excellent way to train the brain and the muscular articulation base, especially for beginners who have nearly no prior knowledge to work with. As the course evolves, you will be expected to be considerably more creative though and transform questions into answers and answers into questions, or even translate phrases from English into Thai.

I believe a great advantage of the course to be the size of the group, which is kept relatively small. In our case there were 4 students, which gave us the effective and fun interaction of peer learning, yet also allowed for sufficient attention for each individual student.

To get the full potential of the course it is probably advisable to try and look into some of the basics of the Thai language before starting. Let it be clear that you do not need any prior knowledge of Thai, but it will speed up your language acquisition during the course. I would also advise blocking your agenda for the duration of the course, as missing a day or more will be far from effective.

Looking back on the past 2 weeks I can only conclude that I have learned a tremendous deal and I could genuinely not have wished for more.

Yes, I recommend this program

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