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The course fee includes all learning materials, a course bag, complimentary hot and cold drinks at school, a graduation party, and a certificate of completion.

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a course bag, graduation party, certificate of attendance

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Dec 29, 2023
Dec 03, 2023
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About Program

The most engaging Intensive Thai Course on the tropical coconut island of Koh Samui.

Duration: 2 weeks per level, 4 hours a day, 5 days a week, Monday to Friday
Course director: Jom Nawa (22 years of teaching experience)
Time: from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm, with small breaks every hour
Maximum: 10 students per class

Dynamic T.M.C. Learning Methods
100% repetition and speaking
100% muscle memory development
100% common key phrases
100% highly experienced native teachers

T – Transformation method: Reversing sentence structure
M – Muscle memory method: Repetition leads to accuracy
C – Combination method: Creating meaningful paragraphs

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Program Highlights

  • Dynamic T.M.C. learning methods
  • 100% repetition and speaking
  • 100% muscle memory development
  • 100% common key phrases

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Yes, I recommend this program

8 months student visa, thai language

Learning Thai helped me stay in the country longer and better understand the local culture. The Thai language is different from English and this only added to the interest. It was very interesting not only to study the standard program, aimed mainly at tourists, but also to ask questions about those things that interested me and that I use in my non-tourist life. I had two teachers: Mai and Jom. Each of them taught the language differently, but they both did a good job. Thank them very much for this experience.

What was your funniest moment?
I asked how to say "I'm watching you" in Thai because I joke like that sometimes. For example, with the Thai worker who repairs my bike :D The teacher thought for a long time what I meant, but then he understood and laughed :) The answer was “Pom duu khun yuu”.
  • atmosphere
  • staff
  • kitchen
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Yes, I recommend this program

Excellent 2 weeks intensive thai language courses

I’m really glad attend this courses accompany my sister with zero background on thai language. I thought it become my nightmare but Within 2 weeks i can communicate with thai people and feel satisfied excited and enjoyed with this courses.
Thank you to Jom Nawa and Mai teaching us with the intensive method and its really enjoyable and easily to understand.
The teaching tools easily to read and understand. Good environment. Meet up with new friends. Sharing knowledge and experience with others.
Beautiful surroundings in Koh Samui.
Can’t wait proceed to next level and practice more vocabulary with them. Keep up the good work!!👍🏻
Recommend this intensive courses for those who want to learn thai language faster on conversations when living in thailand.

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Response from Mind Your Language Thailand

Thank you very much for your review Lina. Hope to see you and your sister for the second level in 2020.

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Yes, I recommend this program

The best course

A very cozy and peaceful environment. The instructors ie Jom and Mai were fun and very helpful. I got to know common phrases thai people always use in their daily life.repeating the words and phrases is the key for one to become fluent in speaking the language and that what we did in the class. Small group of students make it easy for one to understand the lessons. I learnt a lot in the class and it felt like a family for me. It is better for those who have opportunity to stay in koh samui longer to attend all the levels offered to strengthen the skill of speaking thai language. The two books i received give a a lot than what i expected. I Will definitely sign up for the next level at the same place again. 2 weeks in koh samui is really not enough for me. Will see u guys again later

What would you improve about this program?
Kindly provide halal food if muslims students were to join the class as it is very difficult to get halal food nearby. We had to rush to halal restaurant which quite far from the school (if we dont bring food from home) and to pray within that 1 hour break time
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Response from Mind Your Language Thailand

Thank you very much for your review Suzana.

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Yes, I recommend this program

We learned a lot

Well I was surprised how much we learned in only 2 weeks. They train you to the life outside and already on the 2nd day you can order food and drinks outside.

5 hrs a day are a lot and now it is good to have a break to repeat and repeat all what we have leared. And then we start with the 2nd course :-)

Thx to Jom and Mai for the good and funny teaching.

I liked it a lot with you guys.

see you soon !

What would you improve about this program?
I think the hardest in Thai is the pronouncing of the words. I thik the all time repeat is a good way but maybe some ready made audio of the words of the course for hearing at home would be good.
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Response from Mind Your Language Thailand

Thank you very much for your support Oliver. See you for the 2nd course very soon.

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Yes, I recommend this program

2 Weeks To Speak - Intensive Thai Language Level 2 Koh Samui

In May 2019 I have completed level 2 of the course "2 weeks to speak". In February 2019 I´ve done course 1 and was thrilled.

Unfortunately, in the meantime, I had to go back to work in Germany and did not set out to continue learning. Back in Thailand, it started immediately with course 2 and almost I was desperate because I had forgotten everything.
But Khun Jom is a great teacher. Through his friendly and motivating, but also demanding nature, he has released everything back in my head and packed in a lot more ;)

It was great fun again and above all, I learned a lot.
It's a great experience to begin to understand and speak a language that is so different from my mother tongue.
A good teacher to learn a language is a gift and Khun Jom is a fantastic teacher.
A big thank you to you, Jom!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Great place and good method to learn Thai easily.

This school had been recommended to me by a friend who lives for some time on Koh Samui and also attended the Thai course there. I signed up for the level 1 course “ 2 weeks to speak Thai “. During that course I decided to extend to the next level for another 2 weeks. So a total of 4 weeks with lessons for 5 hours on 5 days a week. Very intensive !
It was really fun to learn since you could practise the language immediately when you finished school. Yes there were 1-2 days where I really got exhausted by learning this Asian language. But the teacher Jom always brought me back on track with his positive energy. He really loves to teach his mother language and that’s what you can feel during the whole course. The whole atmosphere in the school is very positive. You can feel it the moment you enter the school. Very nice people and positive vibrations everywhere.
We were lucky since we were only 3 students in class. Means the teacher Khun Jom paid a lot of attention to each of us.
The result after 4 weeks of intensive learning Thai is, people start laughing if I order things in a supermarket, restaurant or in a bar. Not because they are making fun about me but they are not used that a foreigner (Farang) can speak clear Thai to them. They like that a lot and for this smile it was worth making the effort to learn.
Thanks a lot to Khun Jom and his team. I can only recommend this school to anybody who likes to learn Thai intensive, effective and in one of the most beautiful location you can study.

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Response from Mind Your Language Thailand

Thank you very much Martin.

Yes, I recommend this program

I recommended Thai language school on Koh Samui

Translations by Go Overseas Team:

I took a total of 4 weeks of level 1 and 2 of 2 weeks 'intensive Thai conversation course'. I was amazed that there were a lot of language schools on Koh Samui, but after examining it I chose from the fact that the reputation was the best, but I think it was really good at this school.

The most important thing is Jom Nawa's enthusiasm and established teaching method. It was very easy to understand the Thai language that can be used immediately in practice, and I was able to learn in a pleasant atmosphere. Of course the contents have become more complicated and more difficult each day, but it has become very fun to study, and the time has passed every day. "Muscle memory", it is important to remember in the head, but I think that the teaching method that the muscles of the mouth learn by repeating and practicing is very reasonable. I say in Japanese I learn in my body.

It is said that it is 'intensive (intensive course)' and there are 5 hours of hard work every day from Monday to Friday, but it is best to study intensively if you want to study languages ​​individually I thought. By going to the school every day, you will be able to review what you have studied in the past, and you will be able to improve efficiently without gaps. The class was also about 10 people at the maximum, but I think that the efficiency of learning with three people at level 1 and 4 people at level 2 was also good. In addition to the conversation course, there is also a Thai language reading and writing course, so I hope to participate in any of them.

As it is necessary to speak English to some extent as it is a class in English, I could learn English at the same time, and I also made friends of various nationalities and it was a great time. Of course I think it is good to study in urban areas such as Bangkok, but I strongly recommend it to those who want to study Thai language while feeling the atmosphere of Nangoku Island Resort.


2週間の'intensive Thai conversation course'のレベル1と2の計4週間受講しました。サムイ島には語学学校がたくさんある中で迷いましたが、色々と調べたところ評判が一番良かったことから選んだんですが、本当にこの学校で良かったと思います。

一番はやっぱりJom Nawa先生の熱意と確立された指導方法でしょうか。実践ですぐに使えるタイ語をとても解りやすく、楽しい雰囲気の中で学ぶことが出来ました。もちろん日に日に内容はより複雑に難しくなりましたが、とても楽しく勉強出来るようになっており、毎日時間が過ぎるのがあっという間でした。"muscle memory"、頭で覚える事も大事ですが反復して練習する事により口の筋肉が覚える指導方法、はとても理にかなっていると思います。日本語でも体で覚える、と言いますし。



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Response from Mind Your Language Thailand

Thank you so much for your great review Kazu. Will see you at your coffee shop soon.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Apprentissage dynamique en immersion

Translation by Go Overseas Staff:

I have just finished the "level 1" session of the "2 weeks to speak Thai" intensive training from April 29th to May 10th, 2019. My goal was to (finally) communicate with the inhabitants of this beautiful country that welcomes me.
Before committing myself, I had participated in an initiation in another school and met the leaders in another school. The proposed pace (usually 2 to 3 times a week at 2 hours), like the methods, did not seem professional enough to quickly get a result for the beginner I was.
I then made contact via Facebook with the school "Mind your language" which operates the course "2 weeks to speak Thai". I thought that immersion and intensive learning would be more profitable for me and I had 2 free weeks.
I was immediately confident from the first exchanges with Jom and Chiara. I then consulted all the notices found on the Internet. The pedagogical team supervises you perfectly from the first contacts and very quickly the date was confirmed and I committed myself.
Our session consisted of 3 adults.
The teaching takes place in a very friendly environment and concludes with a course of Thai cooking equally friendly at Infusion Cooking Class.
The proposed training "2 weeks to speak Thai" provides the essential basis for oral communication and grammar / conjugation.
Jom's teaching skills, are a real plus. Jom is particularly experienced, he loves to teach and transmit, he is passionate; he is gifted to make his teaching interesting and to invite him to participate in a sustained way. His method is based on repetition: to beef up our memory, he regularly repeats the same sentences and questions each participant in turn. His classes are dynamic, alive, he knows how to adapt to the different levels and rhythms of understanding, to motivate you when you sometimes despair of remembering these words that are surprisingly similar and difficult to pronounce, and is objectively pedagogical to encourage you to persevere when sometimes you become discouraged.
Classes are given in English. Jom speaks perfect English and really very clear. Blows, these two weeks were also for me a perfect training to improve also my English.
We also had the chance to take advantage of his assistant, Mind, teacher in training who learns Jom's teaching techniques. Mind also trained us with a different Thai accent to enhance our understanding. He has the best teachers!
I am French and I was 99% beginner, to tell the truth I knew only about thirty words in Thai, which more is that I pronounced badly. These 2 intensive weeks (5 hours a day) are a plus for those who want a solid foundation to start communicating.
The training is also an immersion in the local culture thanks to the anecdotes reported by Jom. His technique to boost memory by repetition is effective, I still hear the sentences that we have repeated so much :) !!!
The intensive formula is perfect for motivated people, you really have to work to improve your learning, learn vocabulary and practice as much as possible.
Now you have to start!

Je viens de terminer la session « level 1 » de la formation intensive « 2 weeks to speak Thai » du 29 avril au 10 mai 2019. Mon objectif était de pouvoir (enfin) communiquer avec les habitants de ce beau pays qui m’accueille.
Avant de m’engager, j’avais participé à une initiation dans une autre école et rencontré les responsables dans une autre école. Le rythme proposé (généralement 2 à 3 fois par semaine à raison de 2h), comme les méthodes, ne m’ont pas paru suffisamment professionnels pour obtenir rapidement un résultat pour la débutante que j'étais.
J’ai alors pris contact via Facebook avec l’école « Mind your language » qui opère le stage « 2 weeks to speak Thai ». Je pensais en effet que l’immersion et l'apprentissage intensif serait plus profitable pour moi et je disposais de 2 semaines libres.
J’ai aussitôt été en confiance dès les premiers échanges avec Jom et Chiara. J’ai ensuite consulté l’ensemble des avis trouvés sur Internet. L’équipe pédagogique vous encadre parfaitement dès les premiers contacts et très vite la date a été confirmée et je me suis engagée.
Notre session comportait 3 adultes.
L’enseignement se déroule dans un environnement très convivial et se conclut par un cours de cuisine thaïe tout aussi convivial chez Infusion Cooking Class.
La formation proposée « 2 weeks to speak Thai » donne les bases essentielles de la communication orale et de la grammaire/conjugaison.
Les qualités d’enseignant de Jom, sont un réel plus. Jom est particulièrement expérimenté, il adore enseigner et transmettre, c’est un passionné ; il est réellement doué pour rendre son enseignement intéressant et inviter à participer de manière soutenue. Sa méthode est axée sur la répétition : pour muscler notre mémoire, il répète régulièrement les mêmes phrases et interroge chaque participant à tour de rôle. Ses cours sont dynamiques, vivants, il sait s’adapter aux différents niveaux et rythmes de compréhension, vous motiver quand vous désespérez parfois de retenir ces mots qui se ressemblent étonnamment et se prononcent difficilement, et est objectivement pédagogue pour vous encourager à persévérer quand parfois vous vous décourager.
Les cours sont donnés en anglais. Jom parle un anglais parfait et vraiment très clair. Du coups, ces deux semaines ont également été pour moi un parfait entraînement pour améliorer aussi mon anglais.
Nous avons également eu la chance de profiter de son assistant, Mind, professeur en formation qui apprend les techniques d’enseignement de Jom. Mind nous a également entraînés avec un accent thai différent pour améliorer notre compréhension. Il a le meilleur des professeurs !
Je suis Française et j’étais à 99% débutante, à vrai dire je ne connaissais qu’une trentaine de mots en Thaï, qui plus est que je prononçais mal. Ces 2 semaines intensives (5h par jour) sont un plus pour qui veut de solides bases pour commencer à communiquer.
La formation est aussi une immersion dans la culture locale grâce aux anecdotes relatées par Jom. Sa technique pour booster la mémoire par la répétition est efficace, j’entends encore les phrases que l’on a tant répétées :) !!!
La formule intensive est parfaite pour les personnes motivées, il faut vraiment travailler pour améliorer son apprentissage, apprendre le vocabulaire et pratiquer bien sûr le plus possible.
Maintenant il faut se lancer !

What would you improve about this program?
- Control of learning after the first week to go on
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