Growth: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Housing: 5
Safety: 5

If you are looking for a great pre-medical experience and would also love to go abroad, I highly recommend this program. From shadowing, scrubbing in, and helping doctors you will gain so much knowledge and interest in medicine. Atlantis provides opportunities that you would not find in the USA and you will also meet the most amazing doctors, directors, and friends.

Greek food is amazing and the directors kept us well fed. We are supposed to buy our own groceries but our meals were so large I had enough left-overs for both lunch and dinner the next day! I literally did not buy groceries once in the whole month I was there.

Thessaloniki is a busier city right on the seaside. It is beautiful in its own way and close to many amazing things. During my stay, I was able to fly to Athens for a weekend, visit Mt. Olympus, Meteora, and many beaches. The only things I didn't like were: the constant smell of cigarettes (this is lessened in Athens), garbage in the port, and graffiti everywhere. If you are looking for a faster-paced city with mountainous views right on the ocean, Thessaloniki is the place for you.

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