BonBillo's Boston Spring Impact Accelerator

Academics: 8
Support: 8
Fun: 7
Housing: 8
Safety: 10

Suraj and his team at BonBillo have a fantastic program in place. As a native Bostonian, I didn't experience the travel/housing component of this, but I can tell you that spring time in Boston is a wonderful time to visit this great city. But the real value is for entrepreneurs looking to fast track their professional development and company's progress. Using a curriculum that is proven and incredibly effective at breaking down your business model into concrete, sequential, step by step process' that will reveal to you where to focus, what assumptions you need to prove, when and why to pivot, you can effectively validate or invalidate your model in order to grow as quickly as possible.

Suraj, Rachel, and Julia are all very knowledgeable and wonderful to work with, and there experience covers a wide breadth of facets of having a company, and they bring in expert outsiders to compliment the course work as well. I spent many hours in brainstorming sessions with Suraj where we made fantastic progress and I felt myself taking massive steps forward in my understanding of entrepreneurship and what are key strenghts, gaps, are.

Highly recommend this to an entrepreneur looking to learn tons in a short period of time and be introduced to the investment community in Boston.

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