Super nice!

Growth: 9
Support: 8
Fun: 9
Housing: 7
Safety: 8

Everyone is super nice and supportive. My internship was really fun and I learned a lot. I took photoshop and illustrator in class for my college classes, but I felt like I didn’t learn a lot and I didn’t really remember about it after the classes. However, through this internship, the skills that I have acquired through using photoshop and illustrator is being used everyday and it helps me with remembering all the keyboard shortcuts and everything. The staff of the intern group is also really nice and took us out to get us to know more about the city. We also had a cultural etiquette workshop to learn more about shanghai’s Culture and also a shanghai cooking class to learn how to cook chinese shanghainese food! It was really yummy and lots of fun.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would