Perfect Mix of Fun + Outdoors!!

Academics: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

This program was the perfect program for me! I have always wanted to go to Australia, but I struggled for a while to figure out which city to go to. I decided on Perth, because I didn't want the feel of a huge city like some of the cities on the east coast. This was perfect, because the city of Perth offered lots of things to do / see, including bars, restaurants, clubs, city events, etc., yet it was also much quieter and laid-back. I could not get over how clean the city was -- it was just beautiful. I loved how close Murdoch University was to Fremantle, which was my favorite suburb to explore. There were endless restaurants and stores to explore, and we saw the best sunsets there every night. On Murdoch's campus, I loved that we lived in the Village, so we were fully immersed in the student life there. We became friends with full-time students, so I became best friends with students from Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, etc. I absolutely loved all of my fellow American friends through CIEE, but we all really loved / appreciated the fact that we were not just limited to meeting Americans. I loved how laid-back Murdoch University was as compared with universities in the US. My professors were willing to meet with me for extra help, and I loved the unique classes I could take here in order to learn about Australia itself. Finally, I loved the opportunities we had to be outside, explore nature, and interact with animals. On any of the trips we took to the north- or south-west of Australia, we would see kangaroos, wallabies, emus, echidnas, and more just on the side of the roads. This would've been a totally different experience if I had been in a huge city, so I am so thankful for Perth / Murdoch and all they had to offer!!!!

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Yes, I would
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