Best Weekend Yet!!

Value: 5
Fun: 5
Staff: 5
Safety: 5
Organization: 5

My group of friends and I used Smart Trip for a weekend excursion to Split, Croatia. It was nothing short of amazing! I 10/10 recommend the Croatia trip and using Smart Trip in general to any students studying abroad in Italy!! We chose to go white water rafting as well and that was amazing. The Smart Trip staff was super funny, knowledgable, and always seemed like they had everything under control which was comforting. I made some of the best memories that weekend and wish I could go back and experience it! It was also cool because you get to meet students from other schools, so at night during the bar crawl we bonded with and became friends with students from Michigan. They provide optional activities for you, but you also get a lot of free time so you don't feel like you're stuck to set schedule.

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