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Growth: 9
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Fun: 8
Housing: 8
Safety: 10

I'm French and I reaaaallly wanted to go to China to do an internship. I've been studying Chinese for years now but it's not enough. I though I needed a real life experience and internship would also teach me how to be with Chinese in the corporate world. However it is not that simple to find an internship in China in finance, my field of study. I struggled till my friend told me about MTA network. He found his internship thanks to them so I believed in it and went for it. They had one opportunity in finance so I took it. Without them it would have been so difficult or impossible to come here because China doesn't do internship so much. MTA took care of the visa papers you need to apply as a student, they have apartments in the city center for you, they come to pick you up at the airport and you can ask all of your questions when you have a problem. It is very relaxing when you arrive in a totally foreign country to have people for you!!

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