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MTA Network is a foreign owned agency located in China. We offer unique internship placement opportunities in Chinese and international companies all over China.
We have positions available in Marketing, International sales, Engineering, IT, Design, Business Development and many more.The duration can vary from 3 to 6 months or more and it can even end up as a full-time permanent job.
Most of the internship positions are located in Qingdao and all are paid a salary of 1500 to 4000 RMB per month , plus other benefits such as visa and accommodation. The benefits are negotiable.
Contact us for more details about the available positions.

You don`t see anything matching your interests? Don`t worry.
Let us know what you are looking for and we will search it for you.

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  • All-round assistance

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based on 13 reviews
  • Growth 8.2
  • Support 8.3
  • Fun 8.6
  • Housing 7.6
  • Safety 9
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MTA internship

Good way how to get an experience in China. MTA has a list of companies to choose from.
MTA is basically helping with the visa and accommodation at the beginning. Visa papers went smoothly, no issues there. It's better to plan your trip in advance because it is time consuming to wait for the confirmations, papers etc...
Qingdao is great city for the internship and life. Easy to get everywhere, just need to install few applications which will help in your daily life...
My first housing was not okay, but I requested for a change and the second one was better. MTA has now even more apartments to live in which is good. I believe that as a young company they are finding out what to do better etc.
Chinese courses were good because I learnt basics, which were inevitable for the ordering at the restaurant etc....

How can this program be improved?
More activities for the students, as promised......
Yes, I recommend this program
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Highly Recommend

Reliable is what comes to my mind when I think about MTA. It’s really rare to trust someone when you are traveling to another country.
MTA Network eased my internship search completely. They also helped me with my accommodation and visa during my 1-year internship.
The team is really responsive and would help you even at midnight.
I was particularly impressed by the ability of MTA to navigate me through the entire process of my internship and making my time in China worthwhile.
The awesome cultural activities organized by MTA are to be mentioned. They are a must attend and I personally enjoyed every bit of it.
I would recommend MTA strongly to anyone who is looking for an internship in China, and assure that he/she won't be disappointed.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Thank you MTA

MTA Network helped me to find a great internship in Qingdao, China which led me to Shanghai where I currently work. I stayed 6 months in Qingdao where I learned a lot in my company and where I had a lot of fun with my roommates and during the activities they offered. MTA Network provided accommodation, they helped me with my visa and organized Chinese classes during the week-ends. Thanks to the valuable connections I made during my internship, I was able to find a job in Shanghai right after my graduation. Thank you MTA !

Yes, I recommend this program
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Going with MTA is more than education and fun

I would alway come to Qingdao with the help of MTA again.
They not only provided me great help wirh the internship and organization, they also found a host family for me and gave a good start to arrive in Qingdao. They guided me through all required steps.
Furthermore, MTA lets you join a great network where you will make friends for life and also organizes activities to get to know the chinese culture and your fellows.
Whenever I came over a question or a problem, MTA was there to help me.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Very awesome experience in China with MTA Network

After some initial issues with the visa application process, going for MTA Network to seek for some support regarding my internship at Bosch Power Tools in Hangzhou has proven to be the perfect choice for me, since the Team has supported me at multiple occasions, whether its on the weekend or in the middle of the night, they were always available. China as a country is highly recommendable for any kind of internship experience since one gets to know a distinct culture and the chance to learn one of the world's most spoken languages (not a must though).

How can this program be improved?
Keep up the good work :-)!
Yes, I recommend this program

Great career builder!

My experience on the MTA Network program was definitely one I will never forget.
I received great help with the visa and despite the time difference, MTA was always there to my aid should I have needed it.
From the time I arrived to the moment I left I received help in every facet of life whether it be shopping, help with finances, domestic issues and things of this nature. Furthermore, whilst at MTA Network, I got the perfect opportunity of working and travelling and the fact that MTA it’s self is a rather small company meant that from my first day I was given responsibility and worked in close proximity with the management who took me under their wing with the ongoing training and moulded me into a valuable member of the team.

One major factor why the experience was key to me was the doors that it opened, less than a month after returning home I received multiple job opportunities in professional fields and the fact that I had China on my CV was a big contributor to this hence why I am again grateful to MTA Network and highly recommend their scheme for helping me develop tenfold in my career and as a person. As I lived amongst those from all walks of life and this allowed me to become more open-minded and most importantly make friends for life!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Would do it again

MTA was great to me. In my 6 months there i learned a lot, overcame my greatest fear (phone call) and made life lasting friends. The housing was good, near the bus station, market, supermarket and everything. Everybody was friendly to me and tried as hard as they could to help me with anything i needed.
Qingdao is my favorite city in China, apart from the beaches i love it because its calm, organized an full on seafood.

Yes, I recommend this program

An interesting experience

I found MTA by pure chances, but I don't regret it.
I was a bit worried when I came, because the selection proccess and information I recieved was slow and opaque at times, but this was caused by elements outside the networks control. While the accomodation provided was certianly not the best at first, during my stay it was slowly improved until its currently nice state. The location of said accomodation was just great, placing me a few minutes from the company I was going to work with.
MTA was there to provide help whenever I needed it, although the promised "events" have been few and far between.
QIngdao is a great city and I fully encourage anyone considering an internship to come here with MTA Network.

How can this program be improved?
While various fun or networking events were promised, many of them got cancelled and no news on the subjet where here for quite a few months. It would be nice to improve in this particular regard.
Response from MTA Network

Dear Diego,
Thank you for taking the time an writing this review.
We are a start-up company and we are constantly trying to improve our business and our services. We greatly appreciate your feedback and we will do our best to improve all the things you have mentioned.
We do hope this internship will add great value to your CV and to your career. We wish you great success in your future.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Great opportunity

What MTA does it’s a great opportunity for foreign students to start developing our professional careers, not only from a professional point of view but from a personal since living in China definitely widely opens your way of thinking.
That’s why we need companies like MTA who are willing to help us during this whole process ensuring we’re not only performing an internship in a suitable environment but also making sure we can enjoy China as much as possible by providing whatever is necessary to do so.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Great opportunity!

I had a great time in China. Even if I struggled when I arrived there I was always supported by MTA, if I had any requests or issues - both business related as well as personal. Everything went smoothly with regard to application, traveling and everything else and we were provided with everything one needs when arriving in a completely foreign country. The atmosphere in general was excellent, since I really enjoyed living together in a shared apartment and I am sure that this program will contribute positively to my future carrier.

Yes, I recommend this program

Worse Internship

I worked for them for 2 months and the only thing I learnt from them is how unethical they are.
Growth: I learnt literally nothing and the job offer I signed for was misleading. They did not observe the contract
Support: No support, one week without water, no help to open a bank account
Fun: Chinese are great and my roommates were awesome but the boss and his partner weren't great
Housing: the housing is great but you will pay a tremendous amount of money for what it's worth in reality
Overall: I have so much more to say about this company but the main thing is: AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS.

PS: not all internships are paid and most of them do not offer enough money to live on.

Response from MTA Network

Mr Guillaume has signed a contract with us for a 6 months internship in our company. First 2 months past by with no issues on both sides, considering we were constantly in talks with him but he has never complained. He was always punctual at work and he was hardworking.

After the 2 months completion he told us that his university actually only requires him to do 2 months internship and he needs to provide them with his internship certificate now, and not at the end of the 6 months. Due to the first 2 months going smooth, we trusted him and we signed the internship certificate.

Next Monday he announced via message that he is sick and wont come to the office that day. After this he dissipated for an entire week without picking up our calls or answering our messages. One day we receive an email from him saying that he is quitting his internship. (not the most professional way of doing it).

Once this happened, we visited him at his accommodation ( this was our apartment rented to him) to discuss.
A total lack of professionalism and maturity shown again when he didn't answer the door and told us through the door that he has nothing to discuss with us. After a few tries we managed to sit and talk with him trying to see what is his plan, him stating that he will stay in China for the next 4 months for traveling.

Here I want to mention that we provided him with visa for the only purpose of an internship and if he would do anything illegal during this time, MTA would be responsible. Therefore we told him he can not stay and if he doesn't want to continue his internship, which is totally his decision and it was ok with us, but than he needs to go back home. In one week we refunded him his rent fee and he left.

I believe this review is a result of his frustrations due to the fact that we didn't allow him to stay there for the last 4 months.

No, I don't recommend this program
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Best Experience with MTANetwork

MTA Network is the best internship provider in China. Free placement!! Paid Internship!! Awesome Companies!! They help me to find the best internship placement in IT. Accommodation was awesome, well furnished shared-apartment, with all the basic needs. The apartment is located in downtown area, and have shops and restaurants around. They helped with the Chinese Visa and the application process is really easy. They offered a great service. I recommend everyone to choose MTA Network if you're willing to do an internship in China.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Good experience

Working with MTA Network was the best choice. Good prices, friendly Staff and good service.
It took me less then 1 month to set up everything and start my internship. The first interview was very nice. Fast, simple and effective. Then 3 weeks later i went to Qingdao to start the internship. The accommodation was great. Big house, bills paid and we had all the necessary equipment of daily life. It was the best experience ever.

Yes, I recommend this program


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