Atlantis Fellowship - Barbastro, Spain

Growth: 10
Support: 9
Fun: 10
Housing: 9
Safety: 10

This fellowship was absolutely life-changing. It really affirmed my love for medicine and the future success I will have in my medical career. If you know you have a passion for medicine, or even if you aren't sure, Atlantis Fellowship will answer any concerns and questions so you leave knowing what you want to do with your career! During this fellowship, I was able to shadow surgeries while being in the OR with the surgeons performing the procedures and I was treated with respect as physicians were eager to teach so that I could actually learn while observing. The content I observed during this fellowship simply could not have been done in the United States, through the consults, to the Emergency Department, to the Operating Rooms, the obeservations were incredible and life-changing to witness.

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