Samui TEFL - Feb 2019

Instruction: 10
Support: 10
Value: 8
Academic Rigor: 6
Job Assistance: 10

"I think to travel and work abroad is something that everybody thought about sometime in their life. So many options and careers to choose from. So I decided to become a foreign teacher and what an adventure it has been since day one. Since arriving on Samui I knew exactly that my days of travelling is not even almost over. I lived my best life in Koh Samui with some life time friends I met on the Samui TEFL group. The course does not only give you an internationally accredited TEFL certificate but also a whole bunch of new best friends. Never knew that you can have so much fun while actually working really hard during the day. During this month on Samui you get to work with kindergarten up untill adults , which I think is great because then after the course you candecide the age group you want to teach. The trainers at the course also made learning very fun through constantly playing games - games which you can use in your own classroom one day - and also having little coffee breaks where it gives you enough time to quickly catch up with the other trainees. The trainers also wrote the days' agenda on the board for everybody to see so that we are always on track of what's going to happen next. The amount of work was split evenly everyday so we always worked just as hard as the previous day. The TP's looked a bit daunting at first but once you are in front of the classroom with another trainee on your side , things just go smooth sail from there. You can never be worse than the previous day because after every TP you get feedback and tips that would help you to just get better and better. Having just a TEFL certificate does not make it harder to get a job , I was surprised when I realized how many International Schools there are around Asia. And they always seek passionate teachers like the one's Samui TEFL develope. I am very fortunate for having this oppurtunity granted to me. Strange how much your life can change in just one month. THANK YOU SAMUI TEFL! " 

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