Disappointing experience with EF Junior Program in Malaga

Program Selection: 1
Pre-departure Help: 1
In-program Support: 7
Impact on Student: 1
Value: 7

My daughter and a friend just returned from two weeks as Junior students in Malaga. We were sold on the fact that the program was going to improve their Spanish via leveled courses, yet upon arrival, all the students were placed in a single level Spanish (many students had never spoken a word). Do not expect any significant Spanish learning. If you are true beginner, this would be a fine program. We had told EF ahead of time that our girls had completed two years of high school Spanish.

The girls were placed initially with a host mother and her 15 year old daughter. Two days before departure, we discovered upon looking at the girls' online profiles (we were not notified by anyone at EF) that for some unknown reason, that host family had backed out. Instead the girls were placed with a young single woman (early 30s perhaps), who was nice upon initial meeting, but had no interest in conversing or spending any time with them. She ate once with the girls over the two week, and otherwise, went out each evening to the beach, leaving them unsupported. One night she left them alone overnight, claiming she had an emergency. We did not expect our 14 year old to be unchaperoned in a foreign country. EF never really accepted responsibility for the situation, in our opinion.

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No, I would not
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