Great and memorable time at a dog shelter in Antigua, Guatemala!

Impact: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Value: 5
Safety: 5

The month I spent in dog shelter Abaj Tacalik in Antigua, Guatemala was amazing! In May/June I have stayed in Antigua, Guatemala for a month to do volunteer work and take Spanish classes. My volunteer placement was at dog shelter Abaj Tacalik in San Lucas, 25 min by chickenbus from Antigua. I have had such a good experience and loved every part of it. The people at my placement were so kind and welcoming and the dogs all lovely. Patty takes care of 70 dogs in and around her house and does an amazing job in vaccinate/castrate them, take care of the wounded and feeding all of them. I am grateful for being able to help her out and fundraising money to rebuild part of the shelter and providing food and vaccines.

The staff at Maximo, especially Katia, have given me good support. Katia is super kind and stayed in touch and provided the resources needed at the placement. Whenever I needed something, the staff at Maximo were always willing to help. Also, when I needed to see a doctor in the evening they immediately let him come and gave support.

Furthermore, Antigua is such a cute little city where you easily feel at home. My host family was super kind and the food and accommodation was nice. In the mornings I had private Spanish class which I really enjoyed and which really helped me in learning the language even faster and being able to talk to my host family and the people at my placement.
My teacher Alma was great and made the classes fun and interactive.

Overall, I had an amazing experience and I would highly recommend anyone to sign up for a volunteer placement like this.

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