A once in a lifetime global medicine shadowing experience

Growth: 4
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Housing: 4
Safety: 5

Shadowing physicians in a global health care setting was such an invaluable experience that has shaped and will continue to shape the kind of physician that I hope to someday be.
I have never travelled outside of the US before, and yet Atlantis prepared me so well for this fellowship that I felt no anxiety whatsoever about traveling alone in a foreign country. My Site Manager made it so that I always felt safe and so that I also got the most of my experience, both in the hospital and during excursions/exploring the city.
I learned so much of value while shadowing in the hospital. There is so much about global medicine that you can only experience; that you can’t be taught without firsthand experience. In Greece, I had the opportunity to see medicine practiced in manners both similar and different to that in the US, and it forced me to consider the pros and cons of both our healthcare systems. Furthermore, with the vast number of hours of shadowing you obtain, not only is it good for your resume, but it gives you a chance to decide if a career in medicine is really the right path for you. The shadowing isn’t easy; the language barrier and often long hours on your feet can be exhausting, but the life-changing learning experience is a reward well worth it.
This program isn’t just an opportunity to explore global medicine. It’s an opportunity to explore a new country through weekly excursions and group dinners and to make meaningful lifetime friendships with fellow pre-meds. It is an experience that you will reflect on for the rest of your life and will shape your future career in medicine.

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