SO much fun

Value: 10
Fun: 10
Staff: 10
Safety: 10
Organization: 10

I had an absolutely brilliant time during the "Vietnam Explorer". We traveled so much over the 17 days and took part in so many activities, It is very difficult to pick one specify activity as my favorite as everyday was exciting, interesting and fun. We started with the war museum in Ho Chi Minh which was excellent-giving us a detailed insight into the Vietnamese history before beginning our explorations of the country. Driving quad bikes around the desert surroundings was amazing followed by the sand dunes. Cycling around Hoi An was very enjoyable experiencing the busy roads in Vietnam. The cookery class was excellent and the best food I've had in Vietnam. The accommodation has been very good in every location and I've felt safe and secure. Papsii, who is our group leader. He was excellent, he was so organised letting us know the activities for each day, he always made sure we were safe. I fell ill with sunstroke for a day and Papsii was so kind and caring I felt very safe and really appreciated his kindness. The people and Papsii made my travelling experience very enjoyable. Overall a very memorable experience one I will never forget! Thank You

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