A must do

Value: 10
Fun: 10
Staff: 10
Safety: 10
Organization: 10

I had an amazing time on the 17 day Vietnam explorer. It was far better than what i could have organised myself. We fitted so much into 17 days. The trip had everything I wanted and more. I particularly enjoyed ninhvana. I also the cooking class was amazing and the food was to die for. we had a fabulous tour guide. I got to meet the most amazing group of the people and see some fabulous sites with them. Papsii our tour guide was absolutely amazing. He also arranged us additional optional activities like quad biking and to go see the golden hand bridge. Our tour guide took pictures of the activities we did and sent them to us which was a lovely touch. I couldn't image a better tour guide. He brought so much fun and enjoyment to every aspect of our trip.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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