Brussels - an exciting place to work in the Human Rights field.

Growth: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 7
Housing: 8
Safety: 10

Brussels it an exciting city to work in the Human Rights field so, in that sense, it is always a good idea to do an internship in such a dynamic city. Personally, I found the experience enriching. I was able to acquire a general overview of how to prepare asylum requests. In addition, as a jurist, I was able to increase my legal knowledge on human Rights Law, mainly Humanitarian and Refugee Law, but also the European Union Standards regarding the management of the so called refugee crisis. I think the internship was valuable. Throughout the program I was always supported by the staff and I had some professional coach sessions with my internship program supervisor which I found really useful for my professional career and personal development. I definitely recommend Go for it Brussels!

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I really enjoyed the experience as a whole and I would love to go back to Brussels! I still need to finish my tesis but I would definitely valued this experience to my personal development and I think your professional tips were really useful because it allowed to understand what kind of approach should I have for a future entrance in the job market.