The best week of my life!

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 8

I volunteered with IVHQ and V2 Volunteers for their Jamaica program in July of 2019. My volunteer work consisted of business and community development; my friend and I helped a local business owner find and finalize packaging, labeling, and branding for her company's locally-sourced, handmade soaps. We lived in a volunteer house with seven other volunteers and the program coordinator, Mark. Over the course of our time there, we all became close enough to consider each other family (Mark included!). The program staff was a great help when it came to addressing issues, recommending activities, and coordinating transportation for us. Mark especially was a critical part of what made our experience so enjoyable; he consistently went above and beyond to socialize with all of us, give us advice about the surrounding area, and simply make us feel at home. This trip not only provided me with lifelong memories and a plethora of first-time experiences that I will never forget, but it also provided me with a wonderful group of people who I was able to bond and share these experiences with. The other volunteers and I are already planning our next trip through IVHQ; this is an unforgettable experience that I would recommend to everyone!

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