Shanghai, the city that never sleeps.

Growth: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 8
Safety: 10

To be honest, as I am fluent in Mandarin I have not found living in China as challenging as some others perhaps. I really enjoyed my internship, as it was a very relaxed environment and I got along very well with my colleagues. Overall it was a very positive experience for me. I am very surprised and amazed by how well the cashless payment system and everyday convenience in China has developed. In general it has been extremely convenient to live there (given you have a bank account), I did not have to carry around any cash, I only needed my phone. If my phone was running out of battery I could simply borrow a charger from a box with multiple chargers for loan 24/7, same goes for umbrellas, items people usually tend to forget. You can rent bikes everywhere scanning a QR-code on the bike to access them, car hiring is cashless as well, even the smallest business has QR-payment, even very senior people know how to use modern technology. In my opinion, China might not be the country with the most original ideas, but what they are really good at is copying ideas from others and making bigger and better.
It was a truly amazing experience!!

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Yes, I would
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