Try it, you won't regret it.

Growth: 9
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

How is the experience with Intern Group? It all starts when you are asked for the documents, it is always the most boring and tedious process since it has to go through several revisions and there is always that little feeling of nervousness because you do not know what they will offer you or if they will accept you in the program, and when you least expect it, the first job offers and an immense amount of emails arrive. You feel overwhelmed by the information and the nerves increase a bit, job interviews always worry me a little but when you talk to the first person from the Intern Group who will be in charge of placing you in a company, all the nerves go down. I am sure that everyone is like that but I was interviewed by a very warm person from England who receives you with a smile from ear to ear and treats you in a very professional but friendly way, all the people you deal with have an incredible disposition To help you with what you need but don't forget it, you will do professional practices. When you least expect it you are already at the airport to say goodbye to your loved ones and throughout the entire flight you have a head full of ideas about how your experience will be and the emotion invades your body. Once you are in Madrid you find more and more extremely friendly people that make you feel at home. When you arrive at your apartment you realize that you have everything you need and something you really appreciate is that everyone has a single room that helps you a lot to rest as you should. In the first few days you have a training from the Intern Group and then you know your work team, and I know I mentioned it many times but as expected, everyone is very friendly.
The first week is always very interesting because you get to know the city and you can always get lost in some way and you get to beautiful places by accident, you also meet amazing people and the days sometimes become complicated because you become an adult with all the responsibilities from one day to another and despite all the difficulties you decide to get to know the city and continue learning from all the things and people you know, try new things and realize everything you are learning by leaps and bounds. The work experience is always good and offers excellent opportunities to learn new things and get out of your comfort zone but you realize that the people you know contribute a lot to your life and teach you things that you would only learn if you go out in real life. People were a very important part to enjoy the trip, the practices were an opportunity that teaches you to grow as a person and constantly grow, the Intern Group staff helps you take away all worries, and these three things are good in themselves alone, but without a doubt what made this trip unforgettable was having the honor of experiencing all three together.

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