Job in Riyadh

Benefits: 4
Support: 5
Fun: 3
Facilities: 5
Safety: 5

Madison was responsive and super helpful in finding a position for me in Riyadh. This school is topnotch in regards to facilities and teacher housing. Most importantly, it's a welcoming facility and the school treats western faculty with respect. This is not to say any single school is perfect, but It's important to work in a supportive environment.

Working in Riyadh isn't for a young teacher that need to socialize every weekend, but for someone with maturity, teaching experience, and clear goals. Successful teachers hold their cards close, never have emotional breakdowns, and realize that showing respect to all coworkers is 90% of success. There's ample vacation time, overtime pay, and plenty of resources available to a teacher. Thank you.

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Madison is wonderfully helpful. On the other hand, the site seems very commercial.