Found a family

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

I have done IVHQ a total of 3 times. The first time was in Cusco, Peru, I volunteered my time at an orphange. The second was in Costa Rica, working at a coffee farm harvesting and grounding coffee. This time around, I went to Jamaica to volunteer at an animal rescue shelter. Every experience was a different and incredible experience. Volunteering with IVHQ is the most affordable way to travel around the world and I recommend it to anyone who says they can't afford to travel. It was also a very humbling experience to hang out with the locals, get to know their culture, eat their food and enjoy spending time at the famous Jamaican attractions. The best part about Jamaica was instead of staying with a host family, we stayed in a volunteer dorm where we got to live together as a family. We all cooked for each other, played games, went out to explore and became a family. One thing, I said about when coming to volunteer on this trip was to grow as a person and find myself but instead I found a family. There will never be an experience better the immersion of culture and coming together to achieve one goal which is volunteering your time and effort to those who need it more than we do. Along the way you make friends for life and experiences you will never forget. Where else are you going to find crazy traveling explorers who love to volunteer their time in a different country? Only at IVHQ!

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