Silana, Fiji

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GVI Silana village, Dawasamu was one of the most eye opening experiences i have possibly ever cheesy as it sounds. It was a refreshing feeling being around people who arn't consumed by technology. Their days consist of human interactions and connecting with each other and themselves through nature with use of their five senses. It was beautiful to see kids who arnt dependant on ipads and iphones and can just BE. You can have nothing in this world but have so much in many other ways and be absolutely happy! As much as i was making a difference for these amazing cheeky kids, they taught me so much more, i am so so thankful for the time that i got in the village and with the people i met that I'll never forget. apart of me will forever stay in Silana. Vinaka vakalevu, sota tale.

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This was one of the most cherished amazing experiences i have ever had and i know that i'm only young but i will never forget my first time overseas by myself age 18 and being terrified to not wanting to go back home. Truly a time i will never forget in my life and the most amazing people i met along the way.