12 weeks internship

Growth: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 9
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

KGY is amazing! I completed my internship in a company in Seoul, which was very important for my university studies. Without KGY it would’ve been very hard to find an internship place during the stressful exam period I had prior to the internship period.
The communication with KGY went smoothly. Miss Olivia Ju who handled my case was very helpful, patient and very friendly from the beginning to the end! She even helped me to get in a language class so I would be able to acquire more necessary language skills needed to get around more easily.
After the internship period we got to visit the 경복궁 wearing 한복 which was amazing (see picture). I had no major difficulties and Korea is a very safe country!
In conclusion, I’d recommend KGY to anyone who would like great assistance for their internship in Korea ^^

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
Year Completed