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May 20, 2024
Apr 24, 2024
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About Program

If you're as passionate and eager to join our internship program in South Korea, don't hesitate to reach out to us!!
At KoreaGapYear, a social enterprise (est 2012) in the heart of Seoul with an international team of young motivated staff we are looking forward and ready to support you through your journey to Korea

We offer a wide range of programs tailored to your interests:

👉 in diverse fields such as
<<beauty,media, public relations, marketing, business administration, environment, education, social work, and more!>>>

◾️Language programs:
👉 to enhance your Korean skills at one of Korea's great universities or private academies

◾️Study abroad :
👉 opportunities for a fulfilling academic experience.

◾️Local Stay:
👉 Immerse yourself in the Korean local culture and meet Koreans and make new friendships

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Program Highlights

  • Customized Internships in various fields (beauty, skin care, marketing, entertainment, media, design, public relations, etc)
  • 30 day included Korean Language Course
  • Accredited Internship for specific nationalities
  • Flexible Starting Dates
  • NO KOREAN required

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  • Safety 5
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Donato Junior
Yes, I recommend this program

Social Welfare/Environment Internship

I chose to do an internship in Korea, because I wanted to learn more about the working lifestyle and the culture here, since I feel like in the terms of world ranking, I would say it is very much developing and growing as a business center.

I was having my internship for 3 months at a non profit organization. The people that worked at my internship were very sympathetic and welcoming. I went through the Korea GapYear program and they helped me find one, it was a real smooth sailing:)

I would definitely recommend KGY!!! to anyone who wants to visit Korea or work in a Korean environment. It also helped to meet new people and discover new cultures. They were always communicating very very rapidly and are very attentive to the needs and expectations of those applied to their programs:)

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Yes, I recommend this program

Skin Care Internship in Korea

I worked for a Korean Skin Care Company for 5 months that also does Marketing for other Skin Care Companies. So in a typical day, I do a lot of social media work. I decided to come to South Korea, because I was really interested in the culture and the language and since I have been always interested in Skin Care, I thought that Korea would be the best place to do that. I wanted to do an internship in Korea, because I thought it would be a really great way to build the cultural understanding skills for future careers. And I found KoreaGapYear when searching for different option for doing an internship in Korea on Gooverseas and when I found it I thought it sounded like a really great option

I would definitely recommend KGY because it was a very simple process with very prompt responses. It has been definitely the best experience! I am going to miss so much and come back for sure!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Sports Internship at Korean Company

Hey, I am Elijah, 22 years old from Hawaii. I was in Korea to be a Marketing and Content Creator at a Sports Company for 3 months. I came alone to Korea, and this was actually my first time going abroad in general, since I have only been within the United States, so it was definitely a huge step for me.

I would highly recommend Korea GapYear to anyone who wants to come to South Korea or just wants to experience living in Korea, working in Korea. It does not matter what you do, I am sure that they can find the perfect job for you.

My advice to future participants is just to get yourself out there. I mean, for me, I am a very introverted person and so getting myself out there was a little difficult at first. But if you do some research maybe beforehand, before coming, you can find yourself a little community that you can get yourself connect to and just really enjoy every moment you have here.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Entertainment Internship

Definitely recommend this program to other people! kgy is so kind and full of commiment
kgy offers like a lot of choices to choose from like for me when I applied like there was like an education teaching aspect, a business aspect, a non-profit organization aspect, so literally anyone wants to come to Korea for an internship definitely recommend to go through kgy
You guys are the best!
Usually in the U.S people are very independent they like to do things on their own, but here in Korea like everyone especially at work, everyone works together as a team like they're so cooperative. At my company other people help me like working as a team I really like that a lot and everyone has an equal role like knowing how to work in a team!
This internship has been like a hundred percent good match for me I don't think I would have been able to find something like this without kgy’s help! Thank you

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Yes, I recommend this program

Reliable internship company

I am thankful that KGY for being so reliable and for always offering to help me.
I felt very safe while talking to KGY. I am super grateful that I could rely on the help of KGY, as there wasn’t much time left until the internship started, I was excited and collected a lot new memories and experiences during my internship abroad.Thank you for accompanying me on my first day, I am really happy that i am able to have such a great start into the internship thanks to KGY. Thank you so much for finding me such a nice internship:)

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Yes, I recommend this program

great opportunity

It felt a bit overwhelming just because there was so much information and new things I had to discover for my internship but the team is great has been great, they are friendly, some of them speak French and I love the atmosphere already.
For my first day on my internship I had a meeting with the CEO and he explained to me the whole story behind the company It was interesting and I could tell he is really passionate about it so it’s great. But it has been good so far and I had a lot of company dinners and I was really excited about that.
I 100% enjoyed my time in Korea and happy I had a great internship experience

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Yes, I recommend this program

2 months in a skin care beauty company in Seoul

I did an internship in South Korea in Seoul as a beauty and Skin Care intern. How I found out about korea gapyear, basically we were several students from the same class and same university that wanted to come to korea and one of my classmates she introduced me to a korea gapyear and she gave me the email address at the beginning i didn't know about the program at all and then later on I thought that korea gapyear turned out to be very beneficial for me because it was my first time in Asia and I really wanted to feel that comfortable for my first-ever trip alone and so decided to like let Korea GapYear do the job it really helped me a lot and I would definitely like do it again
Come to Korea gapyear if you want to go to come to korea, they will help you with everything every paperwork for internship

  • support with documents
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Yes, I recommend this program

6 months KGY Internship

I think KGY is great when it comes to guidance. It was my first time in Korea and I had a lot of questions and stumbled across some problems in there but I felt relieved when I knew that KGY was there if I had any concerns. I learned a lot about me and my ways of working at the internship and I feel like this will be very useful in my future! KGY helped me a lot finding out how to do stuff and they also gave me the documents I needed for my university and accreditation. I’m pretty satisfied with what I did because I like to do editing a lot and I also mentioned that to KGY that's what I mainly did during my internship, making a lot of videos, and creating and editing them.
So thank you so much for everything Korea Gap Year

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