Amazing Program in an Amazing Country

Academics: 9
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 9
Safety: 10

CYA is a great choice if you want something more exciting and active than the usual classroom environment, while still learning from incredible professors and getting to travel.

Athens is a fun, safe city with so much to do and CYA has a perfect location in the city. The people in Athens are so nice and love talking to students. All the people I met in Greece, were so welcoming, which makes studying abroad there an easy shift coming from so far away. Athens is also in a great location for travel, which there is plenty of time for because classes are only Monday-Thursday. CYA also takes you on several week long field trips to places in Greece that would be hard to reach on your own. Getting to climb old fortresses, explore caves, or discover beautiful beaches always made learning about the places exciting.

The classes are taught by interesting, engaging, and easy to talk to professors who are very experienced and accomplished in their areas. The professors want students to succeed not only in their classes, but also in their careers. Most classes have field trips to see what you’re learning about in person and many professors to take students to conferences or introduce them to other professionals in their field. As an economics major with a focus on political science, I was able to attend several conferences and learn from/speak with incredible politicians, economists, and leaders from around the world, all because of CYA.

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