Edumadic... Adventures of a lifetime

Academics: 9
Support: 8
Fun: 10
Housing: 9
Safety: 9

When I first came across Edumadic I was living in a tiny flat in London doing a degree I wasn’t at all enjoying, squatting under some stairs as protection from the rain after having lost my keys down a questionable public toilet, waiting for a friend to come and let me in. It looked idyllic, suddenly there it was, all these beach sunsets, mountains and annoyingly happy looking people. I applied on a bit of a whim and then before I knew it I was accepted onto the program! Slipping a deferral form under my Drama department door and packing my bags.

I may have been tad nervous at the idea of hopping of to a strange country, with people I’d never met, to take a course I’d always thought about doing but never had time for, that had absolutely nothing to do with the degree I was enrolled on…

It was the best decision I could have made for myself at that time.

I’m now qualified to teach English all over the world thanks to Edumadic and their friendly nudge. It gave me the perfect safe and supportive learning environment while encouraging me to go off and have incredible adventures with some of the most inspiring and wonderful people I’ve ever met. It was an impulse I couldn’t be more glad I followed through with and would do it again in a heartbeat.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
Year Completed