A life-changing experience at Agualivar

Instruction: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Value: 10

I have always wanted to do a Spanish immersion program in either Spain or Latin America, and luckily I had the time and budget for it this summer. Then, I started doing research online to figure out which program would best suit my needs. I came across Agualivar Spanish School and I was very impressed with all the comments I read and photos I saw. I knew that this school has the program and the environment I need to improve my Spanish, so I signed up for the two-week long course.

Much to my pleasure, the program turned out to be exactly like how people described in those comments. There were only two students in my class, which means that my classmate and I both received tons of attention/help from our three experienced Spanish teachers and we had plenty of opportunities to speak the language at home and in class (24/7). Everyday the teachers prepared a lot of fun and engaging activities, such as short videos, games, projects, role-play, debates/discussions, field trips (just to name a few), to help us practice and reinforce the knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. The teachers did a wonderful job creating a positive, supportive, and Spanish-only environment for learning. Every time I felt confused or had trouble understanding or speaking Spanish, the teachers were super helpful and patient to guide me through the process, which really lowered my anxiety and boosted my confidence. In addition, the flexible schedule not only allowed us to improve our Spanish but also gave us lots of free time to relax and take a siesta (which I did everyday:)).

As far as the physical environment is concerned, the school/home is located in the countryside. At first, I wasn’t sure that I was going to survive these two weeks given that I am a total city person. However, it turned out that away from all the hustle and bustle and temptations of a city life, I was able to focus better on my studies and form a deep and meaningful relationship with the teachers, students, and the family (because we spent so much time together). Some days the teachers would also take us on a field trip to the nearby cities for us to learn about their unique culture and history. I also tried to go to various fairs or festivals which took place in different neighborhoods on the weekend. Overall, I enjoyed spending time at home because it was extremely comfortable and self-sufficient with things like the ocean-view bedrooms, big farm, swimming pool, and super yummy and nutritious food made by the teachers and their mom etc.

Frankly speaking, studying Spanish at Agualivar is definitely one of the highlights for me this year. Not only did my Spanish improve, but my motivation and enthusiasm for Spanish also grew so much after this experience. It was sad to say goodbye to everyone because of the strong bond we built and sweet memories we created. I am super grateful for this experience and for everyone at Agualivar. For anyone who would like to challenge yourself with a Spanish immersion program and doesn't know where to go, I strongly recommend Augalivar for its solid program and perfect environment which will really hone your language skills as well as help you gain a better understanding of Spanish culture and history.

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