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Jan 25, 2022
Nov 01, 2022
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About Program

We are a small and friendly Spanish school with a homestay program in the south of Spain. Our family, with 2 experienced Spanish teachers, will make students feel at home and live a real Spanish immersion.

• Total immersion in Spanish language
• Over 12 hours Spanish a day
• Professional teachers
• All levels from beginner to advanced
• Small group: 4 students maximum
• Accommodation in Agualivar Spanish School
• A spectacular frontbeach villa
• 3 workshops a week
• Full board: breakfast, lunch and dinner with your teacher and Agualivar team.
• The opportunity to maximise your progress
• Special emphasis on listening, speaking & communication skills
• A specialised programme of study designed for each student
• Flexible dates. Start on any sunday
• Each teaching hour is a full 60 minutes
• Authentic excursions and local experiences
• Visits to the most beautiful places, historic and cultural sites.
• Progress report, certificate and advice for future study

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  • Housing 5
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Yes, I recommend this program

Agualivar Spanish School

This is my first "home-stay" Spanish Immersion experience. I loved that there is not only classroom time, but also meals together, excursions together, fun games to play to help you learn Spanish. You live in the house with the instructors, Fani & Eli, and their sweet mother Carmen. They are so kind, warm and welcoming. Fani & Eli started the school in 2014. They are excellent teachers and you can tell that they are dedicated to their work, and they love what they do. They were also very patient and helpful when I had trouble with a particular part of Spanish. There is a low student to teacher ratio, with no more than 4 students in the program at any one time, and always 2 instructors. I was there 2 weeks. The first week there were 3 students total, and my second week it was just me. So no matter what, there is always opportunity for very personalized attention to help you learn. If you are looking for a home stay program in Spain, I highly recommend Agualivar.

  • 1. Maximum of 4 students at any one time, and always 2 instructors. Easy to get personalized attention
  • 2. The stay is in a wonderful house, with private bedrooms for students, each with its own private bathroom, and the instructors live in the house with you, so always have access to teaching/learning while you are there
  • 3. Location is ~30 minutes from Malaga, is on the coast with a beautiful view of the ocean from the house.
  • You have built in free time, but not a lot. And if you are going to review/study some during the free time, then you have even less free time. But this is not a con if you know what you signed up for-to learn Spanish in a truly immersive way.
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Yes, I recommend this program


A great learning experience, with lessons tailored to your individual skill level, in a beautiful area outside of the central urban Malaga. They not only do a great job of gauging your skill level before your arrival in order to have the best types of lessons based on your abilities, but they also do this well in creating small group classes if there are other guests in order to have some classes together and other classes solo depending on who else is there that week. There are never more than three students staying at once, which guarantees a very personal experience. Also, such kind people and they do a great job of having fun and engaging excursions to nearby areas!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Excellent Spanish Immersion Experience!

Agualivar Spanish School is the perfect place both academically and socially to do a Spanish language immersion. You join a family in a beautiful home on a small farm overlooking the Mediterranean. Fani and Eli, the two teachers, assess your Spanish ability and goals before your immersion and tailor a curriculum for you to be delivered in a small group. They take care to design the cohorts of students and adjust as you go. There is an excellent mix of formal instruction and other learning activities, including constant conversation over excellent home cooked meals, excursions with a guide from a local tour company to give you the opportunity to speak with another individual in Spanish, dinner out together, and excursions and activities that meet the interests and abilities of the students. I wanted to swim in the Mediterranean, and they made sure I got to do this even though it was cold by their standards! An educator myself, I found the curriculum to be very well designed. The atmosphere is amazing—you are empowered to speak Spanish in a welcoming place. You are speaking Spanish from 8:30 AM to about 9 PM. Speaking Spanish has been a goal for a long time. I took 4 semesters of university level of Spanish as an adult and then about 15 years of life got in the way of an immersion. I had forgotten so much! 5 weeks at Agualivar helped me get to a place where I now can communicate and continue my journey of learning Spanish in reciprocal language programs and other classes at a much higher level and with more confidence. I was able to travel on the weekends during my stay and use my Spanish to communicate. Once I learn more on my own, I will go back for more! On the more practical side, the house is amazing. The rooms are spacious and have private bathrooms. The food is delicious and a lot of it is source from the farm. Seafood comes from the daily catch at a local fish market. You can walk to local villages and to the Alsa bus stop to travel up and down the coast or to Malaga to get a train or another bus to further distances. The bus station and the train station in Malaga are across the street from each other. Either Fani or Eli stays overnight at the house, so there is a native speaker and support present if an emergency arises. I am not too experienced as an international traveler and felt very comfortable and supported at the school and traveling on my own or with other students during my stay. Overall, this is an experience that you will cherish every minute of!

  • Strong individualized curriculum
  • Beautiful setting
  • Speak Spanish constantly in a supportive setting
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Yes, I recommend this program

an incredible week of studying and experiencing culture!

If you have not reached out to find out Agualivar school availability you should! What an experience! ¨Immersion¨ is a fantastic word describing time you are going to spend here. I only stayed one week and I wish I stayed longer, because the changes that happen to the Spanish speaking part of your brain are truly incredible. Of course studying the material actively is important but something that you will not find at a regular school is this magical atmosphere that is created by Eli, Fani and Carmen. Not only there are fantastic teachers and understand complexities of studying a foreign language but also all of them are terrific chefs! Most of the products that they use in their delicious cooking come from their land and 100% natural and organic! They pay great attention to all and any dietary needs you might have.
After one week here I definitely feel a greater confidence communicating in Spanish now and my motivation continue studying this language is even stronger after I got to experience the beauty of this culture in a family settings. I am planning my return trip to this place already.

Si no te has puesto en contacto para Agualivar disponibilidad de la escuela de Agualivar, ¡deberías hacerlo! ¡Qué experiencia! ¨Inmersión¨ es una palabra fantástica para describir el tiempo que vas a pasar aquí. Sólo me quedé una semana y desearía haberme quedado más tiempo, porque los cambios que se producen en la parte de mi cerebro que habla español son realmente increíbles. Por supuesto que estudiar el material activamente es importante pero algo que no encontrarás en una escuela normal es esta atmósfera mágica que crean Eli, Fani y Carmen. No sólo hay profesores fantásticos y entienden las complejidades de estudiar una lengua extranjera, sino que además todos ellos son unos chefs estupendos. ¡La mayoría de los productos que utilizan en su deliciosa cocina provienen de su tierra y son 100% naturales y orgánicos! Prestan gran atención a todas y cada una de las necesidades dietéticas que puedas tener.
Definitivamente siento una mayor confianza al comunicarme en español ahora y mi motivación para seguir estudiando este idioma es aún más fuerte después de haber podido experimentar la belleza de esta cultura en un entorno familiar. Ya estoy planeando mi viaje de regreso a este lugar.

  • easy to travel
  • great teachers!
  • rural area and close to the sea
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Yes, I recommend this program

Agualiver Spanish School

I spent two weeks at Agualivar, and I can't imagine a better immersion experience. Eli and Fani are fantastic teachers! Lessons were tailored to my level, with plenty of personal attention. I learned so much and gained the confidence I needed to converse with people on my travels in Spain. The accommodations at Agualiver are beautiful and comfortable, and the food is amazing! We learned to cook Spanish dishes like paella and gazpacho. Plenty of fun and interesting excursions to nearby towns as well. I highly recommend Agualiver to anyone considering a Spanish immersion program. Thank you Eli, Fani and Carmen!

  • Personal attention
  • Setting
  • Activities
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Yes, I recommend this program

Agualivar Spanish School

I spent two weeks at Agualiver school. This was by far the best learning experience I have ever had. The two teachers, Eli and Frany, were amazing. They both had the gift of clearly explaining concepts, providing plenty of review and being patient with my struggles to learn a language. I was safe to feel my frustrations and to keep moving through them. In addition to the fabulous instruction, each meal was a gourmet feast looking over the mediterranean and shared with spanish conversations. The school is also their home and they have an extensive garden/orchard that provides most of the veggies and fruit. In the afternoons we did excursions to close by towns with a spanish tour guide. And for me, as a cyclist, it was extra special to have beautiful hills behind the house to explore on the weekends. This was truly a unique and special experience. I hope to return and stay for additional weeks. Maybe next time I will write a review in spanish :)

  • Fabulous instruction: Gifted instructors who understand older language learners
  • Perfect location: Close to Malaga, beaches and mountains
  • Delicious meals
  • I wish I had more time
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Yes, I recommend this program

A Wonderful and Unforgettable Experience!

Agualivar school was fabulous – a truly special place! Not only was it a place to improve my Spanish, but also to enjoy a complete experience.

Being a small school outside a large city, it may not be right for everyone. But for me, it was everything I was looking for.

First of all, the people. In a live-in school, this is a very important aspect, and there, the people were warm, friendly and welcoming. It was like being at home, because it is a home!

Second is the accommodation. In my opinion, it couldn’t have been better. The rooms are large with their own bathrooms, there’s a lot of space and the sea-view is spectacular!
Third is the food. Most was home-cooked, with lots of fruit from the estate. If you don’t like home-cooked food, this isn’t the place for you.

Last but not least, is the teaching. With a maximum of four students, the learning was almost individual with four teachers and other members of the family. Various forms of teaching are used, from formal lessons with homework, to table-games, and excursions to interesting places, beach bars and restaurants.

In summary, for me it was a wonderful and unforgettable experience. I would like to go back some day!

What was the most unfamiliar thing you ate?
Chirimoyas, or in English, custard apples. Completely new to me, but sweet, delicious and grown on the estate - but you don't eat the big black seeds.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Vive tus sueños españoles en Agualivar.

Queridos estudiantes de español, please do yourself a favor and drop all other study programs you are considering or other countries you are thinking about traveling to and do everything you can to get to southern Spain and study at Agualivar. I have been studying Spanish for the last 15 years in many countries and through many modalities and programs but I have never had an experience equal in quality and pedagogy like the school at Agualivar. From the first step onto the campus, which is really an orchard/farm, with the school, the family’s home/mansion, situated right in the middle of the fields on a bluff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Eli and Fani (teachers and sisters) are so kind natured and welcoming. Four star hotels will struggle to equal the care and quality of life at Agualivar. From the accommodations to the meals, to the study areas, to the surrounding villages and towns to explore, nothing I have experienced can compare to my time with Eli and Fani at their home. Bottom line is that all your basic needs are met so that you can immerse yourself into the work of language acquisition. And I emphasize ACQUISITION. By the commitment of the teachers and fellow students to speak only in the target language you are not simply learning Spanish, you are living it and acquiring the language unconsciously through interactions and experience. Yes, there are classroom activities and there is grammar study but this study is all done in a low stress low anxiety environment on the patio overlooking the sea or on a comfortable couch in their home’s extensive library and sitting room. The afternoon excursions, harvesting olives in the grove, walking into town by the sea, or just relaxing and studying in the yard alongside the family pool, are all the ways in which your Spanish learning will deepen. When I returned to my “real life” in the small town where I reside in Spain, I recognized immediately how my Spanish speaking confidence had grown. I can express myself to native Spanish speakers without fear and navigate daily activities in a more robust and fluent way. No matter what your Spanish goals are, a week or a month at Agualivar will be an experience worth a dozen DELE programs or months of online classes. Live your Spanish dreams at Agualivar.

Queridos estudiantes de español, hazte un favor y abandona todos los demás programas de estudio que estés considerando u otros países a los que estés pensando viajar y haz todo lo posible para llegar al sur de España y estudiar en Agualivar. He estado estudiando español durante los últimos 15 años en muchos países y a través de muchas modalidades y programas, pero nunca he tenido una experiencia igual en calidad y pedagogía como la escuela de Agualivar. Desde el primer paso hacia el campus, que en realidad es un huerto / granja, con la escuela, la casa / mansión de la familia, situada en medio de los campos en un acantilado con vistas al mar Mediterráneo. Eli y Fani (maestras y hermanas) son muy amables y acogedoras. Los hoteles de cuatro estrellas lucharían por igualar el cuidado y la calidad de vida en Agualivar. Desde el alojamiento hasta las comidas, las áreas de estudio, los pueblos y ciudades circundantes para explorar, nada de lo que he experimentado se puede comparar con el tiempo que pasé con Eli y Fani en su casa. La conclusión es que se satisfacen todas sus necesidades básicas para que pueda sumergirse en el trabajo de la adquisición del idioma. Y destaco ADQUISICIÓN. Por el compromiso de los profesores y compañeros de hablar solo en el idioma de destino, no estás simplemente aprendiendo español, lo estás viviendo y adquiriendo el idioma de manera inconsciente a través de interacciones y experiencias. Sí, hay actividades en el aula y hay estudio de gramática, pero este estudio se realiza en un entorno de bajo estrés y ansiedad en el patio con vista al mar o en un cómodo sofá en la amplia biblioteca y sala de estar de su casa. Las excursiones por la tarde, la recolección de aceitunas en la arboleda, caminar hacia la ciudad junto al mar o simplemente relajarse y estudiar en el patio junto a la piscina familiar, son todas las formas en las que su aprendizaje del español se profundizará. Cuando regresé a mi “vida real” en la pequeña ciudad donde resido en España, reconocí de inmediato cómo había crecido mi confianza al hablar español. Puedo expresarme con hablantes nativos de español sin miedo y navegar las actividades diarias de una manera más sólida y fluida. No importa cuáles sean tus objetivos de español, una semana o un mes en Agualivar será una experiencia igual de una docena de programas DELE o meses de clases online. Vive tus sueños españoles en Agualivar.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Run don't walk to get to Agualivar! This should be your first stop in your Spanish learning life.
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Questions & Answers

¡Hola Wayne! Yes, we have had vegetarian students and they could enjoy our gastronomy too. We try to adapt the menu to our different students.

I can't remember for sure but I think it was about 1300 euros a week (that includes food and a private room) You can go on the website to book a course and it will show you - you don't actually have to book the course

There are two teachers at Agualivar, so the students can be divided by level. There are never more than four students and sometimes fewer so either your lessons will be private or you will be with another student at a similar level. It is possible to go for one week, but I would recommend going for at least two weeks if you want to make real progress. The family at Agualivar is so nice, and the...