Spanish Immersion program for adults and families
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Spanish Immersion program for adults and families

We are a small and friendly Spanish school with a homestay program in the south of Spain. Our family, with 2 experienced Spanish teachers, will make students feel at home and live a real Spanish immersion.

• Total immersion in Spanish language
• Over 12 hours Spanish a day
• Professional teachers
• All levels from beginner to advanced
• 4 students group
• Accommodation in Agualivar Spanish School
• A spectacular frontbeach villa
• 3 workshops a week
• Full board: breakfast, lunch and dinner with your teacher and Agualivar team.
• The opportunity to maximise your progress
• Special emphasis on listening, speaking & communication skills
• A specialised programme of study designed for each student
• Flexible dates. Start on any sunday
• Each teaching hour is a full 60 minutes
• Activities and excursions arranged according to your interests
• Visits to famous and interesting places
• Progress report, certificate and advice for future study

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There are two teachers at Agualivar, so the students can be divided by level. There are never more than four students and sometimes fewer so either your lessons will be private or you will be with another student at a similar level. It is possible to go for one week, but I would recommend going for at least two weeks if you want to make real progress. The family at Agualivar is so nice, and the fo...

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Program Reviews (20)


Two weeks in Malaga


The reviews are spot on: the hospitality of the family, the food, the surroundings, all true. It felt as much like a retreat from the busy world as a school. A place to slow down, take a deep breath, and look out over the Mediterranean sea before you. And of course, learn Spanish.
I was very impressed with the teaching and professionalism of both Eli and Fani. They were able to target areas that I needed to work on grammatically, and in such a small group I was able to ask as many questions as I needed to understand the concept completely. They even went out of their way to help me with the pronunciation of some words that have been giving me trouble for years, it was really helpful!
But it didn't stop there. I spoke Spanish after class, during lunch, excursions, dinner, and everywhere in between. The entire family was exceptionally patient, letting me finish my sentences and thoughts (which can take a while in another language!). They welcomed me into their family and I felt right at home. I definitely hope to return again. There is nothing quite as helpful as immersion in learning a language, and Agualivar is doing a great job of providing it!

How can this program be improved?

Not an improvement but an additional note- the school is located outside of the city of Malaga in a small village, it's very peaceful! You must take a bus or taxi to get to larger towns. This was perfect for me, and I wouldn't change a thing, just something to be aware of if you are more of a night owl and are hoping for some nightlife nearby.

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55 years old
United States

Forget other Spanish language/immersion schools


I am sure that this is the best place on the planet to study Spanish. After 3 booked weeks I was able to tag on 2 more. I learned a ton while having the best time of my life... The entire family lives for their students and each of them go way beyond the call of duty. You will find a new family and home here. Top quality and personalized classes, non-stop effort 24/7 by excellent, passionate, caring and up-beat instructors - Eli & Fani. Kindness and Love from everyone, including Carmen & Pepe (parents). Gorgeous place, great location, food out of this world, wonderful activities and excursions. In 5 weeks I couldn't think of anything they could improve. You can come with the highest expectations and they will exceed it! No comparison to any other language school/immersion place. Only trouble is that it's addictive and you'll want to come back over and over again! Muchas gracias a mi familia espanola :)

How can this program be improved?

It's perfect as is.

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46 years old
Philadelphia, PA
Gettysburg College

Learn Spanish in Paradise


This is truly a unique and memorable experience. Elisabeth, Estefania, and their parents, Carmen and Pepe, go above and beyond to make sure you have a great stay. Their home is beautiful and extremely comfortable. Learning Spanish while gazing at the Mediterranean Sea is quite the classroom.

Each day we had formal lessons and an afternoon activity which was customized based on my interests. I learned much more than conjugations and vocabulary words; they teach you about their culture, history, politics and my favorite part - la comida! The food is absolutely amazing and fresh made with ingredients from their acres of fruit trees and impressive garden.

Their passion for life and learning is contagious! I highly recommend Agualivar!

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Excellent and effective full immersion program!


Agualiver school was a perfect school for me. This full immersion program was just as I imagined and hoped for. I feel very lucky that I found this school and appreciate Carmen and Jose for their warm welcome, and Estefania and Elizabeth for their hospitality and great efforts in teaching Spanish.
I almost never had a chance to speak Spanish in Japan and decided to take one-week trip to improve my Spanish. At that time, I didn't even know the idea of "full immersion study". I encountered the idea just when I started to think "Can I really improve my Spanish just by taking 2 or 3 lessons a day in Spain, and not speaking at all after classes?" (Maybe only at a coffee shop or something)
Then, I found a full immersion program. This is a very effective way to improve your Spanish skill. At Agualiver, both teachers explain everything in Spanish whether in the classroom or in the kitchen but make sure you understand it. After classes, you can help them prepare lunch or dinner if you like, enjoy delicious food and conversation with both teachers and their parents, relax in the beautiful house, and sometimes visit a sightseeing area with teachers. While you enjoy the life in Spain, you also keep learning Spanish at all times. Both teachers are always there to help you speak Spanish.
Moreover, food in Agualiver is excellent! Many vegetables and fruits are from their own garden. In addition, there are great cooks at Agualiver. I enjoyed every meal and also seeing how they prepare food.
I stayed there only one week (really wished to have one more week), but I think I could improve my Spanish more than I expected. On the last day in Malaga, I could enjoy a small conversation in Spanish with a hotel receptionist and other persons at shops and restaurants.
I chose Agualiver because this is the only school that allows me to start from Thursday while most schools provide classes on the Monday-to-Friday basis. Without Agualiver, I couldn't even try a full immersion study. I really appreciate them for everything, and hope to visit there again.

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70 years old
Missouri, USA
Missouri Southern State University

Spanish With Heart


My wife and I had the opportunity to study Spanish together at Agualivar. The daily classwork and all day use of what we were being taught was incredible.
Spanish immersion at Agualivar included more than language. We became acquainted with a wonderful family and with Spanish culture. Everything was perfect. The more than perfect meals were a bonus.
If you want to learn Spanish, I recommend Spain and, without hesitation, I recommend Agualivar!

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62 years old
New York, NY, USA
Harvard University

Extraordinary Setting, Wonderful Teachers


I cannot imagine a better place, or a better way, to study Spanish. First and foremost, both Estefania and Elizabeth are warm, caring, energetic and conscientious teachers. The morning classes are serious and intensive, but a lot of fun. The rest of the day provides a continuous opportunity to speak and listen to Spanish. The leisurely lunches and dinners allow for relaxed and informal conversation with Estefania, Elizabeth, their parents, and any other students who may be there. Living at Agualivar is delightful. The beautiful house is surrounded by orchards and gardens and so the food is always fresh and beautifully prepared. The sisters and their mother are all extraordinary cooks; they produce wonderful meals every day. After two weeks at Agualivar I feel that my Spanish has improved significantly and that I have friends in Spain. My experience has left me more motivated than ever to learn the language. I recommend this program without reservation.

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60 years old
Cornwall, England
University of Cambridge

Agualivar Spanish School: Total Immersion Course


The Agualivar Spanish School was exactly what I had hoped for and I can’t recommend it too highly. The welcoming family environment, amazing food and fantastic views made my stay a complete pleasure. In the morning classroom sessions Estefania and Elisabeth worked on my (considerable) difficulties with grammar, reinforcing the information with role play and language games. They also designed the lessons around topics which interested me, and it’s hard not to talk a lot when you are having an interesting discussion. My main aim had been to improve my spoken Spanish and the total immersion course was perfect for that. Like many learners I have had very little opportunity to speak Spanish with native speakers, and I was very nervous about being able to cope in Spanish for a whole week, but I can honestly say I spoke only a handful of words in English during my stay. I spent a day in Malaga after the course, and, when I spoke to receptionists, shopkeepers, waiters etc. in Spanish, for the first time ever they didn’t immediately switch to English - what’s more, I was able to understand their replies!

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28 years old

A very pleasant and productive week!


Having only dabbled in Spanish in the nine years since I last studied it, I chose to go to Agualivar for a week to get up to speed ahead of taking regular lessons back home. I'm very glad I did. The teaching is really, really, really good. Your weaknesses and development areas are identified before you arrive and they are addressed using the topics that interest you and the vocabulary associated with them - it is a really effective way to learn. The techniques that the Eli and Fani use are really fun and engaging. The fact that you are living with a Spanish family, eating Spanish food, watching Spanish TV and listening to Spanish music means that you never really stop learning even when it doesn't feel like it. The immersion is so total that you will find yourself speaking Spanish sometimes without thinking about it. On the flight home I started chatting to the (very clearly English) air steward in Spanish, much to his bewilderment, before I realised what I was doing. Since I've been back my wife has fairly regularly had to remind me that she doesn't speak Spanish and therefore would I mind speaking English to her! The experience gives you a great deal of confidence to use the language naturally in a way that you can't learn in a non Spanish speaking environment. I think it really accelerates your learning, particularly if you have some knowledge before you go.

Aside from the learning aspect, all of the family are great characters, fantastic company and extremely generous and hospitable. The house and accommodation are beautiful, the surroundings are utterly idyllic and the food is sensational. I heartily recommend this experience on all fronts, my only regret is not going for longer!

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33 years old
Helsinki, Finland

Learning Spanish in Amazing Environment


Agualivar Spanish School is not an ordinary language school. It is a family-run school located in a luxurious villa in queit and relaxing environment with the amazing view over the sea. The special touch is created by the warmth of the family towards their students. The daughters are providing tailor-made classes for your needs and the parents are creating the framework for an amazing learning experience. You feel immediately at home with them. The approach of including the students in their everyday life enables you to see the Spanish life and learn the language at the same time. By sharing all your meals with the family you are (gently) forced to switch your brain into Spanish mode while enjoying their lovely company and amazing food - expect to gain some weight as you are not able to say no to the mother of the family and their delicious food!
I can warmly recommend Agualivar School to anyone who would like to have an intensive Spanish course in a relaxing environment. It was an experience that I will never forget!

How can this program be improved?

The only recommendation for improving the program is to encourage the teachers to improve their English - not that the students could speak English with them, but for them to better undertand the differences between Spanish and English. This would help them to analyse the language better and adjust the teaching, for example when providing tailor-made vocabulary for students with special wishes.

Response from Agualivar Spanish School

¡Hola Elina! Your words are incredible! Thank you so much! I translated your review to Carmen and your words have moved her! :) We are so happy to know your Spanish immersion was what you expected. Thank you for choosing us and Thank you for your recommendations! You know we keep improving our English but sometimes it is difficult to have the time or the chance to practice it. (Because we cannot speak English with our immersion students) :) We know we have to improve that and we are happy to keep studying! Thank you Elina! We hope everything goes great!! Kisses from Agualivar Family!

63 years old
Quesnel, British Columbia

Agualivar - a Unique Learning Experience


I chose Agualivar because of the setting in a family home where you experience total immersion. The only language spoken was Spanish during the week that I lived with this amazing family. I was included in conversations and treated like a valued member of the family. The first afternoon was a struggle to understand, but, by the end of my stay, it was much easier to follow conversations.
I had the opportunity to have private lessons as I was the only student for the week. The lessons were excellent and geared to my level of understanding. We had wonderful discussions, made up stories, and played games in Spanish.
As part of the family, I was able to participate in the kitchen and had all my meals at the family table participating in the conversations. We discussed American and Spanish politics, culture, family, and anything else that came up. I was also included in evening games - playing bannanagram in Spanish is challenging - Rummy with tiles instead of cards is actually more fun and challenges the brain.
Thank you, Fani, Eli, Carmen, and Jose for a unique learning experience.

How can this program be improved?

I did a test prior to coming to the school to determine my understanding of Spanish so they could plan the lessons. I would have like to have repeated that test at the end of the week and then gone over it with the teachers.

Response from Agualivar Spanish School

¡Hola Bárbara! Muchas gracias por tus palabras. Thank you so much for your words. We are very happy to know that you enjoyed your Spanish immersion with Agualivar. And thank you so much for your recommendations about the level test. We have already incorporated your improvement! And I will send you an email these days with the level test besides a Skype appointment to discuss your progress! :) We are sure your proposal is going to be a great improvement for Agualivar! Thank you!! ;)

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62 years old

One Week stay in Andalucia


I was lucky enough to choose Agualivar Immersion School for my one-week stay in Andalucia. I had looked at other models and felt the total immersion while living with a family would be the most beneficial for me. And I was right!!
Estefania and Elizabeth are excellent teachers and customized lessons according to your ability and conversational ability. I loved the outdoor classroom on the terrace overlooking the infinity pool and Mediterranean.
The hospitality of the family was wonderful.... Carmen and Jose just brought you into the family and we helped with food prep, etc all the while continuing to speak Spanish. Our meals were all typical Andalucian meals which I thoroughly enjoyed...... fresh fruit and vegetables from the garden/orchard. And fresh fish, a true Mediterranean diet, wonderfully healthy !!
After siesta we would have cultural workshops or visit local villages (Frigiliana) , all the while learning about Andalucian lifestyle, culture, government. I felt like I learned so much more than just language, I learnt how a Spanish family works within itself, community and country.
My experience at Agualivar was short ( I wish I could have stayed an extra week!) but really quite unforgettable.
I would love to return at some point.

Response from Agualivar Spanish School

Thank you so much Paula for your words!! We are so happy to know your experience was great with us. We all hope you find well and hope to see you again very soon! :)

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47 years old
Houston, TX

Better Than I Could Have Imagined!


What an amazing experience! I admit, even though I was excited to attend immersion school, I was a little nervous at the idea of living with another family for two weeks. But immediately upon arrival, Eli, Fani, Carmen, and Jose did everything in their power to make me feel welcome. And it worked! I was immediately ushered into the family and into a very comfortable, encouraging environment. The classes in the mornings were highly informative focusing not only on language but also on culture, heritage, and even social issues. Early afternoons usually allowed for some free time (or time to study), then outings were planned for most late afternoons/early evenings. Our visits included Nerja, Frigiliana, Bodegas Bentomiz, and Rincon de la Victoria.

In addition to the classes and extra activities, the skill exhibited by Carmen and Fani in the kitchen was incredible. And Jose is great at the grill! Everything was so fresh and absolutely delicious. I believe I may have eaten in a healthier style during my two weeks at Agualivar than I have ever eaten in my life--and actually gained weight. . .

Finally, the accommodations were superb. There was plenty of privacy when desired but lots of company to be found at all times. The house and grounds are beautiful and act as a peaceful oasis overlooking the Mediterranean. It is truly a school with heart. As I stated before, everything was better than I could have imagined!!

How can this program be improved?

I honestly don't know!

Response from Agualivar Spanish School

Guauuuuu Elizabeth!!! ¡Muchas gracias por tus palabras! Sabes que Carmen estará muy contenta de que hayas ganado un poco de peso... ;) Te echamos de menos en nuestras partidas de rummy por las noches... ¡Esperamos verte muy pronto!

Thank you so so much! I don't have words in English to thank you all the thing we learnt from you, the great experience to share those 2 weeks and your help with your review! Thanks!!

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51 years old
Auckland New Zealand
Victoria University of Wellington

Fantastic week with two amazing teachers


Our family, including an 11 year old and a 10 year old, spent a wonderful week at Agualivar. From the pick up at the Malaga train station we spoke only Spanish and we learned an enormous amount informally and during the lessons over just one week. The teaching and learning environment was supportive, well structured and fun (especially for the kids) and the extracurricular excursions to Nerja and Frigiliana were fascinating as well. The physical environment in the home of our teachers was faultless. The entire family was welcoming and friendly. We had privacy, we had company, we had a pool, we had wifi, we had kids' games in Spanish, we had down time, we had meals all together enjoying fabulous homecooked meals, vegetables from the extensive garden and recipes typical of the region (some of which we learned to cook ourselves). Our teachers were both really skilled and really lovely. The lessons were pitched at exactly the right level for our two groups: kids and adults. We switched teachers midway through the morning so there was variety of material and approach. Our children went into the week with next to no Spanish and made enormous progress and clearly had fun doing it. We all laughed continuously throughout the week and could not have asked for a better Spanish homestay immersion experience. One of our outings was to the wonderful Inacua 50m pool in Malaga so our daughter could have a proper training sesson - that was much appreciated and very generous and kind. The conversations we managed to have in Spanish were broad ranging and interesting and we learned a lot about Spanish culture, politics, history and economy. We cannot recommend Agualivar more highly.

How can this program be improved?

This program exceeded our expectations.

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64 years old
Sussex, Uk



Excellent in all respects. A very relaxing and well located environment where the classes are tailor made to your needs, interests and abilities. There is a good balance of formal lessons and activities with learning taking place throughout. Very comfortable accommodation with delicious fresh produce and a very kind, welcoming approach from all the family. The perfect place to improve your Spanish.

Response from Agualivar Spanish School

¡Muchas gracias Gloria! :)
Toda la familia de Agualivar ha aprendido algo de ti. Eso es algo maravilloso. Te deseamos todo lo mejor, que sigas hablando mucho español y gracias por tu receta de mermelada ¡Ñam ñam!

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56 years old

Quality time in Agualivar!


My homestay at Agualivar was a real eye-opener for me.In a perfectly serene environment I could improve my Spanish and at the same time enjoy the beautiful surroundings.
Together with my guide and Spanish teacher we visited National park Torcal de Antequera and later that week El Cielo.Two hiking routes with a variety of natural treasures.Back home ,a casa Agualivar, I had the feeling of being a member of the family.We cooked together real Spanish dishes and talked about Andalucia and Málaga provincia.
The mix of learning Spanish and being active all day is for me perfect.
There is no better place to learn a language with the comfort of a beautiful guesthouse and good teachers .Very close to the beach and within half an hour in Málaga city.The best of both worlds.
This stay was a perfect start of 2016 and I know one thing for sure.
Hasta pronto.

Response from Agualivar Spanish School

¡Gracias Hans!

Ya eres uno más de nuestra familia. ;) Así que siempre serás bienvenido.

¡Te esperamos!

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957 years old
University of Toronto

Paradise on the Costa del Sol


I experienced paradise for two weeks this past August. I was embraced as a family member into the Agualivar fold from the moment I arrived. My beautiful room overlooked the terrace, garden, Infiniti pool and the breathtaking Mediterranean view. All meals were a highlight due to the fresh locally grown produce, from their own farm, and the engaging conversation. I enjoyed participating in the daily ritual of gathering eggs and then learning how to prepare some local dishes. I never ate so well in my life nor felt so healthy. Art lessons fed my inner artist and Spanish classes focused on culture and gaining a native like fluency. Agualivar is truly a unique language school concept. Having studied in Mexico, Ecuador and other schools in Spain I recognize the value of Agualivar. This is where I will return. The search for the perfect Spanish school has ended.

How can this program be improved?

No wasps in the garden please! ;)

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21 years old
San Francisco, CA
University of California- Berkeley

Fabulous Spanish language immersion program


This is a wonderful program that far exceeded my expectations. The language instruction was well planned, focused on my needs, and thorough. The instructors were patient, humorous, and intelligent. The immersion was total with Spanish only being spoken throughout my stay. The family was extremely friendly and accommodating. The food was unbelievable and the setting is spectacular. The house is situated on a hill in the countryside with a view of the Mediterranean. There are plenty of opportunities for excursions that combine language instruction with sight-seeing. I cannot recommend it more highly and hope someday to return.

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53 years old
San Francisco, CA

Casa Agualivar was the perfect way for me to improve my Spanish!


I wanted to improve my ability to speak and understand Spanish through a homestay immersion, and I'm so glad I chose Casa Agualivar. The morning classes were customized for my level and interests, and I learned so much. The teaching materials are great - lots of variety including games, videos and exercises that really facilitated my learning. I also enjoyed the "homework" and learned a lot by correcting it with the teachers the next day.
The homestay part of the program is equally great. The family was very kind and understanding about my ability to speak. The house is large and beautiful with a lovely pool and garden, and they grow lots of fruits and vegetables. It was lots of fun and really delicious to eat my meals with the family.
I made several enjoyable trips to nearby sights with the teachers, and learned a lot about the history and was able to practice my Spanish. I highly recommend Casa Agualivar!

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24 years old
hong kong

Heaven does exist


Most people would visit Barcelona or Madrid when they go to Spain yet I had chosen to go to the Southern part, Andalucia, for spending a week in a Spanish School by the Mediterranean Sea. My major purpose of the trip was to learn as much Spanish as I could, and running away from the touristic spots and let yourself completely immerse in the Spanish-only environment wasn't a bad idea.

So I did my research online. Among 100+ schools online I found Agualivar Spanish School, and it immediately stood out from the rest - I could feel the heart in it. And, how could a school be as beautiful as Agualivar Spanish School like a heaven?

I got a chance to do what I had not done when I was at middle and high school - staying in a host family for learning a language (Home stay program). The school is right inside of this 4,000 sq ft mansion. I was so lucky to have Elizabeth as my tutor, who is professional and very experienced. She is also very patient in both trying to understand you and get you understand her in Spanish for beginner-students like me. Most importantly, she pays attention into details. She knows your level and progress and she will use her creative ways to strengthen your weak and new parts. She cares about your progress more than you do.

For the rest of the time outside of the classes, Spanish only. The host parents during meals, the news on TV, the songs on the radio as well as the cute toddler...they would only communicate with you in Spanish. You will soon get used to it and will realize how much you have improved after few days here, specifically your confidence in speaking in Spanish.

You could also choose to join the local tours provided by the school. We have visited Sevilla, Granada, Malaga, Frigiliana and Nerja together. I was surprised by their capability in explaining the history of the areas. I did not have a map nor a travel book with me. I just had my mind focusing on learning Spanish and they took care of the rest. While enjoying the beautiful scenes, the churros with chocolate, the tapas and the Mediterranean Sea, Elizabeth didn't forget to give me some little challenges by playing vocabulary games with me... haha, again, you will be surprised by how much you have learnt!

And the bonus part is the 5-star food and environment! they have their own farms and orchards, an outdoor swimming pool, a beautiful garden, dozens sets of Spanish DVDs in the comfortable TV room that you will never get bored! I love what they offer in meals! My favourite dis is definitely the home-made Paella! and the fresh salad, tortilla...every meal was a surprise because they seldom repeat it during your stay!

End up I couldn't tell whether I was here for study or holiday. Maybe that's exactly what they mean to let you feel. Even my Spanish friends have asked how did I find such a good school. I said, this is fate.

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42 years old

My Dream School! :)


This school will always remain in my thoughts as the best language learning experience ever. From the first minute I met my teacher and her family I felt like at home, and I would say even better. I felt like meeting my old friends, I felt like on holidays, even if I came there to study.

The school itself is amazing, it's a nice family villa on the hill surrounded by beautiful nature and outstanding views. You can see the see through your window. The atmosphere is relaxing, Zen and calm, all you need for your efficient studies.

I had 4 private lessons per day (two of grammar and two of Spanish culture, history and conversation). I had two experienced teachers who made my classes interesting and involving, all the material necessary was provided, at my free time I could read Spanish books from family's library, by the swimming pool or in the terrace.
After normal class hours my studies continued, because I was always surrounded by family members and I was continuously speaking Spanish. I felt like their family member, we had all meals together. All food was prepared with love, I ate a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, picked up the same day strait away from family's organic fields. Some evenings we had grilled fish or meat dinner in the outside terrace.
My teacher organised as well some trips around Lagos, I visited Nerja and Frigiliana.

My learning experience in Agualivar was short, but amazing and unforgettable, the experience that I would like repeat again and again!
I strongly recommend it to everyone who likes not standard but alternative learning.

It's all about people!


About The Provider


Agualivar is a small and family-run school and offers Spanish immersion courses for families and adults.

Students can learn Spanish successfully, intensively and rapidly by living and studying in our own house. You will be welcomed into Agualivar Spanish School where you will experience Spanish