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Academics: 5
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In my notebook, I kept a section titled “moments” where I logged pages on pages of all the small, but impactful, experiences I had in Thailand. As I read through it now, attempting to answer this question, I can’t help but tear up. You don’t realize how far a simple smile can go until you experience it in place of words, and I don’t think there was one day I didn’t feel the radiating kindness. From the wholesome, simple lifestyle in the village, to the music blasting at Zoe in Yellow, each person reflected pure joy in what they were doing because they did it surrounded by those they love. It just goes to show how little we need to truly find happiness, and how important it is to hold onto it once we’ve got it. In Thailand, it was never about who had the next best thing, but instead how can we help someone feel a little bit better today. My biggest takeaway from studying abroad in Thailand was a shift in perspective and newfound appreciation for all that I’ve had and have the potential to receive. It’s eye-opening, and one day the whole world will see it too. Thank you TEAN.

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